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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nike Free Shoes: Review with Tye4®

As you know, I'm kinda obsessed with the NEW TYE4® wearable system from TheMethod Pilates.  It is amazing for spine, hip & shoulder mobility, strengthening stabilizers, improving balance & coordination, and building overall strength and tone.  It can be used while doing lots and lots of different types of exercise.  

Today I'm talking about TYE4 and FEET!


SOCK FEET... While practicing Pilates, for example, you will want to kick off your shoes. Choose a non-slip sock like ToeSox or something similar.  Tye4 should NOT be done barefooted for a few reasons.  During certain movements, the foot strap will slip and distract from the movement.  It can also irritate the foot, so find a cute pair of sock and wear them proud! 

photo from PhysicalMind Institute Pilates Training NYC June 2014
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SHOE FEET...  While using your Tye4 for exercise like aerobic or interval training, strengthening and toning, plyometrics, outdoors workouts or sports training, you might want to wear shoes with Tye4.  Here are a few things to consider: 

1.  For larger, bulky shoes, the Tye4 strap can go inside the shoe.  It needs to fit around the middle of the foot pulling up from the arch.  This strap position activates the feet muscles and proper alignment of those muscles.  Feet are really important.  They are the foundation of your body.  "Strong foot muscles support all of the ligaments, tendons and bones on your foot." --- 
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2.  For Tye4 balance work, like dance, Barre, and Standing Pilates, our feet need to completely spread out on the floor when we are standing.  This is so important for balance.  We want to use the entire foot and allow for the widest part to expand.  So a minimalist footwear is preferred.  They need to be light and flexible so we can articulate the foot.  

I've been on the hunt for the ideal Tye4 Shoe, and I've found it!

They gave me a pair of Nike Free 5.0 shoes 
to test and review with Tye4!  

I've used them this summer teaching Tye4 classes inside and outside, and I will say that I LOVE them and I think they are the perfect Tye4 shoe!  
  1. They are very light and the mesh keeps my feet cool... they breath!  
  2. The new hexagonal flex grooves on the sole allows the foot to move naturally in every direction.   It is easy to articulate the foot.  
  3. They are supportive while allowing freedom in movement. 
  4. The heel mimics the shape of your foot that promotes a more natural footstrike.
  5. These feel natural and weightless... like bare feet.
  6. I am able to wear the Tye4 strap on the outside of the shoe.
  7. Plus, they are CUTE!  We gotta look good while doing Tye4!

For more on Tye4, click here.

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  1. This is so helpful! I'm in need of new shoes so I'll go check them out.