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H3O Aquatics 

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I’m so excited to tell you about a cool new place to get healthy and fit.  It’s called H3O AQUATICS. 
–Health, Healing, Hope, Outreach Aquatics.       
They are a medical rehabilitation facility that provides physical therapy, personal training and small group exercise classes in their indoor heated pools.  Read more here. Take a look at all those toys to help get you moving and strong.  I like the parallel bars under the water. 

They even have treadmills… in the water!!! Yup these are motorized underwater treadmills.  Super cool.  Run or walk forwards or backwards… or work lateral movements.  There is so much fun to be had right there. 

They also have a HydroMessage bed!  Yes ma’am that’s good stuff right there.  I tried it and can honestly say I am positive I want one at my house.   Anyone want to give me one?  No?  
Well until then I’m happy to use this one 🙂 
You can also rent the space for parties.  We just had my baby’s 13th b-day party there…  Hold on a sec.  Did I just say I have a 13 year old now?  Ugh, I’m going to need a moment….
Alright, that might take a minute to get use to.
So back to the review… this was such a fun party!  Had music, lights and plenty of laughing and splashing. And the moms took turns enjoying the HydroMassage bed!  That’s a nice time had by all. The last part of the party we put up a volleyball net and the kids went to town.  So much fun.  
Thank you H3O Aquatics for hosting us!!!!

This is a 100% Veteran owned business.
Check out more videos on YouTube. 
Find more info on their website

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I don’t know if I’m the only one like this, but I often play out the scenario of being the first responder on the scene of an accident.  What would I do?  Would I freak out?  How fast and efficient would I respond?  Working in fitness centers has absolutely conditioned me to pay attention to people and their safety and being a mom has made me be on the verge of paranoid in making sure my kids are safe.   I’m thankful for accessible and quality First Aid/CPR training as a pedestrian, as a fitness instructor/personal trainer and as a parent.  

In Middle Tennessee, we have a fantastic CPR and First Aid training provider 
  “to provide high quality, ‘hands on’ training so you will be prepared to react effectively in the case you are faced with an emergency.”
  • Visit 
  • Courses are in compliance with the AHA (American Heart Association) guidelines
  • On-site training 
  • Online CPR and First Aid
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers (both initial and renewal) 
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers online & skills check package 
  • Pediatric First Aid and CPR
  • BloodBorne Pathogens (online course here)
  • Child and Babysitting Safety
  • Basic First Aid
  • CPR and AED
  • CPR, AED and First Aid
  • Acute Stroke (online course here)
  • Stroke PreHospital Care (online course here)
CPR and First Aid Training
CodeOne CPR offers discounted group rates for WORKPLACE TRAINING in Middle Tennessee!  Also, hospital and nursing students get 20% off!  click here
Click here for class registration/schedule 
Click here for AED (Automated External Defibrillator) info and purchase 
Contact for more information
Click here to follow CodeOneCPR on FACEBOOK
My 13 year old daughter and I will be attending the 
Child and Babysitting Safety 
class soon. 
*UPDATE:  The Child & Babysitting Safety class was great!  Read about the experience here.

 I encourage you to get trained and be prepared!

Now go visit and make your plans.
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BEFORE & AFTER story – Merry Sedlak

Meet my new friend, Merry.  The first time I met her I said, “WOW, YOU HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY!”  I couldn’t help but say that out loud (weird thing to say first off maybe… but I couldn’t help it… she DID).  She was overflowing with joy, passion, excitement and I wanted to know her story.  So many people seem to have a dark cloud over their life from stress, lack, sickness, depression and discouragement… but not this girl!  I found out this wasn’t always the case…

“January 17, 2012 – Physically, emotionally and financially we were broken we prayed for a solution.  We were introduced to Advocare from our dear friends and heard HOPE that our situation could be different!  We decided right then and there to make a change.  We started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and had AMAZING results.  I lost 14 lbs and 17 inches and Anthony lost 20 lbs and 20 inches!  Needless to say we knew everyone could add value to their life, health and finances through this vehicle so we got very intentional to share our story and help as many people as we could.  Fast forward 2 years and a miraculous pregnancy (we struggled for 8 years and tried every medical intervention possible).  We had our son via IVF  in 2008 but had not been able to sustain a pregnancy until Advocare helped my body to do what it’s created to do.  Advocare does not make medical claims and I know that the Lord blessed us with Genevieve but I also know that Advocare enabled my body to do what it had previously not been able to do.  Anthony and I have lost over 100 lbs combine and have been able to help hundreds of people find physical and financial freedom.” Merry Sedlak

Thank you Merry for sharing your story and encouraging us!!! 

Merry lost 50 lbs in 2013 and she will loose 30-40 lbs in 2014 AND run a 1/2 marathon!!!  You go girl!

If you need a kickstart or maybe even a new start, take the 24 Day Challenge and start writing YOUR story.  We want to see you succeed.  Email for a free evaluation and we will get you set up on what you need to reach your health & wellness goals!



Check it out!  I was on the news today introducing Tye4 to the Nashville area!
Click link below to view:

HeadFloater™ WORKSHOP JAN 11 – FREE

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!  
I enjoyed my family so much 
and now I’m looking forward to see what the new year will bring!
This past year I was introduced to 2 new products that are my absolute favorite things:
1. the TYE4® and 2. the HeadFloater™ both invented by
I use them both regularly and when I don’t I misses it greatly!
If you live in the Nashville area, you have a chance to come experience the HeadFloater on January 11!  I am holding a FREE workshop and if you use a computer, drive a car, spend any time on your phone or iPad, read books, play sports, or have any kind of shoulder or neck tension, 
I will do two 30 minute sessions.  One will start at 9 am and the second will start at 9:30.  We will be at 
524 N. University St.
Murfreesboro, Tn
The Workshop is FREE
The HeadFloater is $35
email for questions and to buy a HeadFloater



TYE4 Training Workshop for
Pilates Instructors
Barre Studios
Group Exercise
Dance Studios
Gymnastics Coaches
Martial Arts Instructors
Personal Trainers
Physical Therapist
NOVEMBER 23   2-5 pm
Located at 
Life Fitness Academy South
620 Church St. E
Brentwood, Tn  37027
Register HERE
Limited space so DON’T WAIT!


My daughter, Taylor, attends a super cool school called Cedar Hall.  It’s a school on a farm!  The classical learning style helps develop a love of reading, learning and exploring.  
The hands-on “farm” learning teaches the students about life and gives application to what they are learning.  
I was honored last week when I was invited to do a demo and show the kids how easy it is to make chemical-free common household (and school) products. 
The entire Middle School.
As you can see, I pulled out my stash of goodies from my “chemistry lab” and handed out a sheet with the recipes for them to follow.
Are YOU curious as to what we made???
Well, I thought I’d be a nice blogger and share with you 🙂

(click for recipe)
(click for recipe)
We made hand soap and all-purpose spray for both the girls and the boys bathrooms.  Each decided on the essential oil “flavor” they wanted.
(click for recipe)
We all made a batch to take home and try out. 
* 1 part Baking Soda
* 1 part Coconut Oil
* 5-10 drops of essential oil:
peppermint  spearmint  eucalyptus  grapefruit
lemon  lime  cinnamon  rosemary  orange
* And everyone gets their own toothpaste container! 
The spearmint was the most popular, followed by peppermint and orange.  A few tried cinnamon and we decided it “tasted” like those Christmas cinnamon brooms… 
so not for me.
I did warn the kids that this tasts/feels salty because of the baking soda.  Add more coconut oil if you want and you can add a little stevia or sugar to sweeten it… but that seems weird to me because we are trying to remove sugars from our teeth, but some recipes add it.  
Check out how easy this is on my DIY Toothpaste video.

 Right now Tropical Traditions has their Coconut Oil on Sale!
This is no doubt the best quality you can get and I absolutely LOVE this awesome company.  
Click HERE to take a look and buy.

* Citrus oils pul toxins out of plastics and should only be used with glass.
* Essential oils should not be used undiluted on the skin.  Some can be used with “carrier oils, waxes,     butters, alcohols, or other diluting measures
* Do not take essential oils internally – especially wintergreen and eucalyptus
* If you’re allergic to a food, you will be allergic to that oil.
* Most essential oils are high in antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties… good for cleaning!
* If you use product on a child under 5 yrs, use half the amount of essential oils
* Always test a small area of your skin first to make sure it isn’t  going to irritate your skin
Click HERE for other DIY Products I make!
I buy all of my DIY products from 
They have an impressive amount of high quality brands to choose from, with such a LOW price!  Shopping HEALTHY, NATURAL, and ORGANIC doesn’t have to be expensive!  
Check them out HERE and order a few Essential Oils to start your own Homemade Collection!
And if you’ve never shopped with Swansons before you will get a $5 coupon as a THANK YOU for choosing them!
Here are some of the wonderful products that came to my door last week from
Tis the season!
Frankincense & Myrrh!
My absolute favorite Natural Deodorant!
Finally something that works!
Makes the winter season a little less cold (along with my UGGs!)
Go shop and I’d love to know what you pick up!
Goodbye for now,


This is such an exciting time!
TheMethod Pilates 
has some amazing new products that we all should take advantage of.



This is a brilliant, simple looking headband with bungees that you pull to create compression around the head.  It’s hard to explain until you’ve tried it, but it feels so good and does so much good for the neck, shoulders, and spine when it’s used.

Short term use:  It relieves neck pain and shoulder tension!  After using it, my head feels lighter.

Long term use:  It will correct “Head Forward Syndrome”

Pre-Workout use: I use the HeadFloater in the morning and before bed, but this week I found a new need for it… right before I workout!  Occasionally I will do kettlebell swings in the morning for a quick, muscle confusing, full body workout.  I usually do 100 swings and then eat breakfast.  Well, on this particular morning I thought it would be good to use my HeadFloater after my swings.  So I did.  When I stood up after using it, I thought, “NOW I feel like I’m ready to do swings.”  My posture felt right and my back felt more engaged (very important for kettlebell swings), so I did a few more swings… 100 more because I felt strong and balanced – more so than the first set.


I already knew that HeadFloater sets your head correctly above your body after the use, but this experienced opened my eyes to its value along side exercise.  No matter what type of exercise you do, good posture is important to keep the body safe and to work the muscles you are intending on working!

Oh, I should tell you:  This takes less than 5 minutes to use and fits in your purse or desk drawer.  Could not be easier to get an adjustment whenever you need!

So there. PURCHASE HeadFloater TODAY!- $35  Take it to the gym and use it before your next class or session or pull it out after a long, stressful conference call or hours bent over at the computer… or after an uncomfortable flight or a bad night sleep.  

HeadFloater in Pilates Style Magazine – Full Article HERE

The other SUPER EXCITING THING hitting fitness now is the TYE4.  The more I use it, the more I LOVE it… and so does everyone else!
More about it HERE.
My kids have been begging to use it and I kept saying (especially to my 8 yr old) “It just won’t fit you.”  Well he really wanted to try, so I thought I’d show him I was right….  OOOPS, I was wrong and it did adjust to his size!  I had to grab my camera becasue my kids were having so much fun playing with it and being creative.  Watch this 40 sec. video and remember, I gave them NO instruction! (Of course they have watched me use it)

PURCHASE TYE4 wearable resistance system HERE.  Workout at home and add momentum to your workouts for faster results!

Join our Online Coaching Group ($10/month) and get more full workout videos, coaching, encouragement and a fun social online space to connect with others in this game to be more healthy and fit! Click HERE for more info!!



MASTIHA SHOP IN NYC Healthy from Greece
HEADFLOATER™ from TheMethod Pilates
DIAMOND CANDLES a ring in every candle
SANDBELL from Hyperwear
ZING ANYTHING water bottles
EDEN SALVE from Bulk Herb Store
EDEN SALVE DIY KIT from Bulk Herb Store
COCONUT OIL from Tropical Traditions
GALLON COCONUT OIL from Tropical Traditions