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 It was a happy day when the nice delivery guy dropped these off at my door.  Just in time for some beautiful warm weather.  PowerICE is a company who makes frozen hydration bars and I am super happy review their product.  They sent a generous amount that has allowed me to share the love and get some good feedback!  Two big things that caught my eye about this product: they don’t have high fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives.  You can see the ingredients here.  
Years ago I stopped buying these for my kids
image here
because of the HFCS and dyes 
and there was much sadness in my house.
So as you can imagine, I was really hoping these icy pops would be just as good and exciting as the ones that have been banned from my house.   The kids were pretty pumped about trying them, so I packed them on ice, threw it all into my cooler bag and we took them with us on our hike. 
This was really our first time to try them… and we all thought they were really yummy and refreshing.   I left the cooler bag in the hot car for about an hour, then I took it out when we went down to the river.  After that amount of time, they were melted some, but still very frozen and I was happy about that.  
Grape Score
Lime Kicker
Orange Blast
Pomegranate Raspberry Rip
My girl didn’t love the Pomegranate Raspberry so much but really liked the Grape and Orange, my little man was all over Orange Blast and Lime and my fave was Pomegranate Raspberry and Grape.
I shared PowerIce with my class after doing a great cardio/toning workout using Tye4® wearable resistance.  Everyone really loved the PowerICE bars.  Here are some of the things that were said:
“The texture is great, like sonic ice.  Really good.”
“… not so salty and more refreshing then Gatorade”
“Doesn’t leave an after taste like products with artificial ingredients”  
Thought that was great feedback and I 
happen to agree.

I also put them to the test at the ball field.  As you can see, I was hard at work reviewing this product.  It was very difficult not to sneak into the cooler bag and  help myself to a second one.  I did think it nice of me to practice self control and share with the kids after their game.  
Excuse me as I go off on a soap box for a moment:  
Parents, if you have kids playing sports, teach them at an early age to be an intentional athlete.  They can learn to give 100% on the field and off the field as well.  This will develop character and life skills that will follow them into all areas of their life.  As a parent, you have the opportunity to teach them how to fuel their body before the game and teach them what they need to do to repair after a game or practice.  This is a fun experience for the kids.  I’ve seen it first hand.  This is a great way to empower our kids to take responsibility over their own health.  Post game snacks are fun and exciting as the kids celebrate their game, but as parents we can choose healthier options to give them.  These PowerICE bars were PERFECT for this b/c I knew they were getting some good stuff to replace electrolytes and they were excited to get a fun treat!  
Win Win… Win.  

To sum up this PowerICE review, I really like them and so does everyone else I shared them with.  Bam. 
Check out their website here to order and get to know this fun company on Facebook,  Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.   


I love water bottles.  Who doesn’t?  But isn’t it the worst to buy a cool one that looks like it’s going to be awesome and it just isn’t?  And what to do when we run out of water while we’re out?  At the gym, I will drink a min of 2 bottles of water during and after my workout and I find myself filling up the bottle at the water fountain.  Ew. This also happens when I take my kids to the park, out on a hike or at the ball field.   #firstworldproblems  
So as you can easily see, I was very excited when AquaGear® sent me their filtered water bottle to try out!   Yippee!!!  The filter is on the straw.  The bottle is BPA free.  And it is super cute.  


  • It removes up to 99.99% of contaminants in tap water – including chlorine and industrial chemicals
  • The filter is 100% recyclable and replaceable 
  • It filters up to 75 gallons of water (approx 400 refills)
  • The bottle is very durable
Not only do they have these cool filtered bottles, they also have emergency food and supplies.  You must go check out their website.  
Whether I’m going camping or preparing for the zombie apocalypse, I’m gonna keep this brand in mind. 
Get to know AquaGear on their blog and website goaquagear.com
Like them on FACEBOOK and Follow @goaquagear on Twitter
Have a Healthy Happy Day Friends!