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Homemade Laundry soap

 LAUNDRY SOAP making day  
the reason…
  1. It’s Non-Toxic 
  2. Chemical Free
  3. Dye Free
  4. Quick & Easy to make
  5. and CHEAP!!!!
Here are a few cost comparisons:
  • Tide with Bleach powder…..$0.21 per load
  • Arm & Hammer liquid………$0.21 per load
  • Homemade powder……………$0.05 per load


*This recipe makes 32 oz of detergent – $2.98 – 64 loads
*Use 1 TBSP per load2 for really dirty loads

Here is what I used:
Fels-Naptha = $1.99
[You can also use Pure & Natural, Zote, or an Ivery bar]
Step 1  
Grate the entire soap bar.
Step 2
Add 1 cup of Washing Soda
Step 3
Add 1 cup of BORAX
Step 4
Stir together
Step 5
Store it in a container and label it!
I don’t want my kids sprinkling this over their tacos. 
It kinda look like grated cheese!
Next time I will make the liquid version of this homemade soap!
This is a great job for your kiddo’s.  
They’ll love it and you get soap out of it!  
Win Win.



No More Stains on White – Baseball Season

My 6 year son is playing BASEBALL this spring, and he has a great looking uniform.

A Blue jersey and WHITE pants.


WHITE pants!

 My first question to another mom was,

“How will I EVER keep those pants white?”

Iver spends his time on the ground- rolling, falling, diving, sliding and any other way you can think of to end up on the ground!

These are the pants after the first game.

I was told to scrub with FELS-NAPTHA.

So I did.  Then washed them in my normal DIY detergent and added extra Borax for an extra boost.

I am surprised and proud to say they ended up

WHITE again!