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This is what we ate last night.  I have it pinned on my Pinterest board “EATING and DRINKING”.  I’ve made it a few times and  it is SO YUM!  Last night, however,  I had to make a few adjustments… because I didn’t realize when I started that I was out of a few ingredients.  That’s never a fun moment when I am half way into cooking and realize I DON’T HAVE ALL THE STUFF I NEED!  Sadly that happens more than I want to admit. LOL  That’s when it’s nice having friendly neighbors 🙂
So I improvised last night and it turned out great!  
So I thought I’d share…
First, grate the CAULIFLOWER
Cook the CAULIFLOWER in microwave on high for 8 min.  
DON’T add water.  It makes it’s own moister.
Oven preheat to 450ª 
I actually think I will lower the temp and increase the cook time next time I make this.  The outer edges burned on mine. 
Spray cookie sheet with non-stick spray.
Add 1 EGG, GARLIC (fresh or powder), a little SALT, and OREGANO.
I’m sorry I didn’t measure. 
Pinterest:  add 1 cup grated mozzarella.
Me: had no mozzarella, so I cut up our Boar’s Head Provolone cheese.
MIX it all up.
PLOP the MIXTURE onto the cookie sheet.
SPREAD it out with your hands.
Brush OLIVE OIL onto the crust.
BAKE it for 15 minutes.  
Add sause and toppings.
I used pizza sauce, red & yellow bell peppers, feta cheese, and parmesan. 
I would have used pepperoni for the kids, but…I was out 🙁  
Put this under the BROILER until toppings are warm and cheese is melted.
So this did NOT appeal to my kids, but my husband and I enjoyed it.  I actually thought it was GREAT!  Next time I will NOT call it pizza, and I think my kids MIGHT like it 🙂
If you think of a creative name for this “pizza”, PLEASE share… so my kid will eat it!  🙂
Give it a try. 
 What are your favorite toppings?