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This is a list that
put out on foods that contain healthy fats that can 

“quell your appetite, cutting the number of calories you eat in a day, while improving your heart health and stoking your metabolism.”

Grass-Fed Beef  naturally leaner, fewer calories, and higher omega 3’s compared to conventional meat

Olive Oil breaks down fats in the body


Coconut  battles bacteria and improves cholesterol scores

Dark Chocolate  “contains pure cocoa butter, a source of digestion-slowing stearic acid. Milk chocolate’s cocoa butter content, on the other hand, is tempered with added butter fat and, as a result, passes more quickly through your GI tract. Because dark chocolate takes more time to process, it staves off hunger and helps you lose weight.”

Almond Butter  contain a compound that limits the amount of fat absorbed by the body

I would also like to add:
Avocados and Flaxseeds



Anti-Aging: 11 Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate = Health Food =


It is an ANTI-AGING food!

It has Cocoa that contains a plant compound called flavonols.

Flavonols have an impressive array of benefits including:

  • lowering blood pressure

  • lowering cholesterol

According to FitDay, Dark Chocolate

  1. Is Good for your Heart (helps prevent blood clots)

  2. Is Good for your Brain (increases blood flow & reduces stroke)

  3. Helps control Blood Sugar (has a low glycemic index-won’t spike blood sugar levels, good for circulation & it helps keep blood vessels healthy)

  4. Is FULL of Antioxidants!  Helps free your body of FREE RADICALS

  5. Contains Theobromine – shown to harden tooth enamel

  6. Is high in VITAMINS & MINERALS!

  • Potassium

  • Copper

  • Magnesium

  • Iron

The copper and potassium in dark chocolate help prevent against stroke and cardiovascular ailments. The iron in chocolate protects against iron deficiency anemia, and the magnesium in chocolate helps prevent type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Check out some of the Best Dark Chocolate in the world


I’m not telling you -and me – to go crazy on Dark Chocolate!

It’s high in FAT!

Remember, Milk Chocolate IS NOT THE SAME!

If you don’t like the DARK, transition yourself by first choosing a chocolate that is at least 60% cocoa.  Once you are use to the flavor, increase to 70%, 80%, and then even 90% pure cocoa.

One of our favorite way to add Dark Chocolate:

We grate it over our oatmeal!

My kids love this.

What’s your favorite kind of 



Confession Session

One thing I love about personal training is the food confessions that take place on weigh-in and measuring days!

I get to hear all about the splurges from the week!

My family takes a 90/10 approach to eating.  

90% of our eating is for the purpose of growth, health and recovery. 

 10% is to enjoy food because it’s YUMMY!



Lucy’s MAC & CHEESE 🙂


my  STARBUCKS “coffee” drink


and ICING!

I’ll share a little secrete with you:  When I was in college, I often kept a tube of icing stashed in my purse, so whenever I needed an icing fix, I would just pull it out and enjoy!

I’ve since wised up and DO NOT recommend you do this!  LOL


Ok, it’s your turn.  

What’s your favorite cheat foods?