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According to Women’s Health:
  • 2 sessions per week can REDUCE overall body fat by 3% in 10 weeks without reducing your calorie intake… that’s as much as 3 total inches off your waist & hips!
  • The new muscle BOOSTS your metabolism!
  • It’s the way to SCULPT and SHAPE the body
  • It burns more calories over all than cardio alone:  The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research discovered that  women who did an hour-long strength workout BURNED an average of 100 MORE calories in the 24 hours AFTER THE WORKOUT than they did when they had not lifted weights.
  • With 3 sessions per week, you could loose15,600 calories a year AT REST = about 4.5 lbs of fat!
  • Replace 10 lbs of fat with 10 lbs of lean muscle and you’ll BURN an additional 25-50 calories a day without even trying!
  • Research has also found that lifting weights is BETTER than cardio at burning off the intra-abdominal fat… the kind that is close to and surrounds our organs.  This is the fat that is associated with diseases from diabetes to cancer.


Read more at Women’s Health
Try these total body workouts and exercises 



LUNGE and LIFT Workout!

This morning we did a circuit workout that challenged our

cardiovascular system and our strength!
                                  THE WORKOUT:
  • Remember to warm-up & stretch 5 minutes before you begin.
  •  Be sure to use good form with each exercise.
  • Be creative with the resistance… if you don’t have dumbbells, then use something from your home like a gallon of water!  

1. Back Row w/Dumbbell – 30 sec.

2. LUNGE to the next exercise

3. Bench Dips – 30 sec.

4. LUNGE to the next exercise

5. Bicep Curl – 30 sec. 

6. LUNGE to next exercise 

7. Push-Ups – 30 sec.

8.LUNGE to next exercise

9.Squat Jumps – 30 sec.

10. LUNGE to next exercise

11. Up-Right Row w/Kettle Bell – 30 sec.

12. Sprint back to the beginning.

Repeat 3-4 times!

Be sure to feed your body what it needs after your workout for best results!



This is a great exercise to add to LEG DAY.
Grab an stability ball and jump into this leg workout with me.  It’s gentle on the knees and will make your hamstrings scream!

  • Don’t forget to warm-up and stretch before you begin.
  • If your muscles begin cramping, releaserub it– and rest the muscle unit feels better.  Then you can begin again.  If this happens, be encouraged that each time you perform this you are STRENGTHENING & CONDITIONING your legs, and that cramping will stop as you get stronger!

Now I’m doing this series using Tye4®!  We can use the bungees to help balance and control the movements OR make it tons more challenging!!  Check out the demo below ↓↓↓

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Skateboard Pike Exercise Video

My son got his first skateboard a few months ago and is having a blast on it. He is already trying to do tricks and give his mother a heart attack! 
 I do love watching him practice because of the core strength it takes to stay on the board. 


 So this got me thinking…could I use the skateboard as a piece of equipment for my girls that come train??? 
 The answer: ABSOLUTELY!!! 
 I started playing around with it and came up with the SKATEBOARD PIKE. What a great exercise! 
 Total CORE, CHEST, and SHOULDER workout! 
 So grab a skateboard
 – your son’s, husband’s, or neighbor’s – 
and try it out! 

  •  Don’t forget to warm-up and stretch 5 minutes before you begin your workout. 
  • WARNING: I do NOT recommend doing this if you have unstable shoulders. 

Baseball and Pilates

I’m loving this season at the baseball field 
cheering on my son and his team.  Aren’t they cute???
  I love watching their hard work pay off as the kids improve in their skills.  They throw, bat and catch over and over and over to develop the muscle memory to perfect the form for each skill.  
Sport specific practice on the field is essential, but it’s not the only way to improve as an athlete.  I love that Coach Tim encourages our boys to take gymnastics.  He understands how important core strength, balance, agility and coordination is for these boys. 
 These skills will make them more efficient!

In addition to gymnastics, 
Pilates exercises should be at the foundation of a baseball players workout.
LIVESTRONG talks about how pilates is a great way to improve specific skills for baseball.  

  • Pilates exercises strengthen the hip flexors that assist in rounding bases and catching balls while off balance and on the move.
  • Pilates exercises increase flexibility that will greatly reduce the chance of injury on the field.
  • A specific example is the single straight leg stretch which can improve core endurance and flexibility of the hamstring.  This in-turn will generate torque in baseball specific movement.
Read more at LIVESTRONG.com

Aubrey Huff of the San Francisco Giants gives credit to Pilates for his great shape and how he felt in 2010 when he was one of the best hitters in the major leagues.

Huff’s wife is a Pilates instructor, and before the 2010 season he did it three times a week. His muscles felt better, his back didn’t hurt as much and his general sense of well-being was enhanced.  

Read more about Aubrey Huff’s Pilates testimony here. 

 “I want to be one of THOSE kind of baseball players… a major league player.”

Iver Benson, age 6                   



Now that winter is coming to an end this year  🙂 – we need to ditch those winter blues and get outside!  Being creative with your workouts and changing up your location is rewarding both mentally and physically.
Let’s talk about SAND.  
The benefits from working out in the sand are HUGE!!!  
        During a sand workout, your…
The unstable surface…
  • burns more calories
  • makes exercises more challenging
  • creates less impact on joints
  • works the stabilizer muscles


If you aren’t convinced yet, let me put it this way:
Sand training will improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, strength, balance, ability, reaction time and coordination!


So go find a beach, a lake (with a sandy beach), or a sand volleyball court and get moving!!!
Yup- I get my kids moving with me. 

Taylor’s face!!!  She must be loving the burn!
Exercises to do in the sand:
  • squats
  • lunges
  • plyometric jumps
  • walking
  • jogging
  • pushups
These are just a few ideas!

Because of the unstable surface, the ankles, achilles, and knees are susceptible to injury-
so a good warm-up and stretch is essential!



I am loving this Tye4®! It gives the same type of resistance and assistance as the Pilates equipment, but can actually be taken anywhere. These bungees can add up to 20 lbs of resistance! We will be able to burn more calories in each workout and tone faster using the Tye4®. 

Finding your “ENGAGED CORE” before Weight Lifting

Being a pilates instructor, my favorite thing to say is, 
 I say it all the time, and I have people saying it to themselves throughout their day.

Let’s talk about the CORE:  
It’s made up of both deep and superficial muscles that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of the body.  We are talking our abdominal muscles, our bootylicious muscles (the gluteus), the lower back muscles, along with with the psoas of the hips and the multifidus of the spine.  The multifidus muscles are small, but very powerful in giving support to the spine.  Their function is to take pressure off of the discs in between each vertebra.  Strengthened, they can actually make you a little taller!  They are essential in keeping the spine stable and straight.

A good core workout will hit all of these areas.  It is a good idea to understand and strengthen your core before lifting weights.  Your CORE should ALWAYS be engaged before you lift any weight to protect your back.  This can protect you from back injury.

With my clients, I lead them through a Pilates routine to warm up, stretch out, and activate the CORE before they ever lift a weight.  Then, before they lift the weight above their head for a military press, for example, I say “ENGAGE YOUR CORE!” — and they are easily able to master the perfect form!

How to find your “ENGAGED CORE
Lay on the floor with your knees bent. 
Stick your hand under your back.  
If there is space between your lower back and the floor, your CORE is relaxed.
 Now, flatten out that space by pressing your abs down toward your spine.
Now the back is flat.
Relax the CORE and engage it a few times noticing how your hips move.  Now get up and try to do that same movement standing.  Remember to keep your chest up.

Practicing the “ENGAGED CORE” position when lifting weights will create muscle memory for that posture and will roll over into everyday activities.