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Vote For Apple

So this post is not about health or fitness, but
It’s dedicated to my Dog!


At the end of this post, you will have a chance to 
so read on 🙂

November 2008 – Jeremy and I decided to get the kids a puppy for Christmas.  We decided we wanted to rescue one but didn’t know what kind.  On Monday we began looking at different breeds and decided a labrador retriever would be good for us.  I don’t know, we looked at adorable puppies for about 10 minutes, and then came across this face

I mean, what do you do after that?

That was it.  

We were done with the search.

We were not planning to bring a puppy home until Christmas… and this cute face was needing a home NOW.  So we decided that if she was still available on Wednesday – 2 days later – Jeremy would be off work and would drive 90 miles to get her.  

You know how you aren’t suppose to “move yourself into the house” when you are looking to buy?  Don’t get attached until you know it’s yours?  Well, the same should be said for puppy shopping.  That night I dreamed that this puppy was sleeping on her bed next to my side of the bed.  She started whimpering, I reached down to pet her on the head, and then I woke up.

Oh man I was so mad at myself.  

I didn’t tell Jeremy about my dream.

The next night [Tuesday] I did it again!!!  I dreamed that the cute puppy was running up and down the hall playing with my kids.  She was a part of our family.

OH.   MY.   GOSH.

I did it again!!!  This time I told Jeremy and we agreed that he would leave his early morning meeting and go straight there and get her.  Well, I could’t wait and I called the shelter.  When I asked if puppy number [whatever number she was] was still available, they told me that she was on hold and if they don’t come get her they I would get a call.  NO!!!!  
I cried.

Jeremy called as he left his meeting.  I told him not to go, our puppy was on hold.  Then he said, 
“I know, I called early this morning and put her on hold to make sure no one else got her.”


So Jeremy drove 90 miles to get our little Apple and 90 miles back home with her curled up on his lap.

We surprised the kids with their early Christmas present!

Watch Apple skateboard!

If you think Apple is so cute and sweet, please vote for her in this          “CUTEST PET CONTEST” by clicking HERE.
Thank You!

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