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So naturally the Bensons went to Chuys to celebrate Elvis’ Birthday.
And YES we slow-carbbed it all the way!  This is how we did it…
We were eating mexican Tex-Mex food so our nice waitress brought out warm, freshly made chips, fresh salsa and the amazing CREAMY JALAPEÑO sauce.  What a sad moment for the slow-carbers. This guy was happy though… and he dove right in.
Taylor has decided to do a modified version of the Slow-Carb Diet.  I’m really proud of her.  She decided to do it because she want to have good eating habits, detox off of the December mentality (you know what I mean) and keep her body strong!  PROUD MAMA!  Anyway, she asked if she could have chips before the food came out. The answer was NO. This was her reaction.

After that moment we all can relate to, she said, “Ok, what CAN I eat?” Great question Taylor.
Order beans to munch on while the others at your table are shoving their face with chips.  You can enjoy the salsa and even ask for a side of guacamole with it.
Water and if you miss the soda, order carbonated water and squeeze lemon or lime in it.
Jeremy does this all the time.  I just like plain water.
Did you know that Chuy’s has a Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Menu?  
I ordered fajitas. HOLD the tortillas 🙁
Tortillas, I will see you on Saturday! (cheat day)
Have the rice cut from your order —» they will give you double beans.
I love to have fresh limes to sprinkle over the top of my food. SO GOOD left me SO FULL
At the end of the meal I didn’t even miss the fact that I changed it up a bit!
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Just shoot me an email and we will connect and figure out a plan that is perfect for meeting your goals!