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I love water bottles.  Who doesn’t?  But isn’t it the worst to buy a cool one that looks like it’s going to be awesome and it just isn’t?  And what to do when we run out of water while we’re out?  At the gym, I will drink a min of 2 bottles of water during and after my workout and I find myself filling up the bottle at the water fountain.  Ew. This also happens when I take my kids to the park, out on a hike or at the ball field.   #firstworldproblems  
So as you can easily see, I was very excited when AquaGear® sent me their filtered water bottle to try out!   Yippee!!!  The filter is on the straw.  The bottle is BPA free.  And it is super cute.  


  • It removes up to 99.99% of contaminants in tap water – including chlorine and industrial chemicals
  • The filter is 100% recyclable and replaceable 
  • It filters up to 75 gallons of water (approx 400 refills)
  • The bottle is very durable
Not only do they have these cool filtered bottles, they also have emergency food and supplies.  You must go check out their website.  
Whether I’m going camping or preparing for the zombie apocalypse, I’m gonna keep this brand in mind. 
Get to know AquaGear on their blog and website goaquagear.com
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Have a Healthy Happy Day Friends!