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How Pilates is helping Ironman Kendrick Louis [interview]

Full interview in The Daily Telegraph

“IF you thought that pilates was a Zen-based activity for women, ironman Kendrick Louis wants to have a word.

Louis credits regular reformer pilates classes at Vive Active in Brookvale for helping him go from No.5 to No.1 in the ironman series.

As a result of taking up pilates two years ago, he said he was fitter and stronger than ever before… continue reading

Louis now incorporates at least three pilates classes into his weekly training schedule. As a result, he said his performance on the ironman circuit had improved tenfold.”

Ironman Kendrick Louis

“It (pilates) is one of those things that you don’t know how good it is until you actually do it,” he said. Read full article here

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