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Breakfast literally means “breaking the fast”
What you put in your body first thing in the morning really does make a difference in your day.  Fuel your body proper, first thing, and kickstart your metabolism and give yourself what it needs to run efficiently!  
Because of the craziness of the morning rush, we need some easy solutions and that’s why I’m highlighting the Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes this week at the start of the school year.  This is my breakfast 4-5 times a week.  The other mornings I’m actually in the kitchen cooking something 
[Check out the video at the bottom of this post for the 3 minutes egg breakfast.  So good.  So easy.  And So not hard to clean up!]

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DAY 1-3
The 24 Day Challenge begins with a cleanse.  This is a gentle tune-up good to do every 90 days.  It’s the same concept as getting an oil change every 3000-ish miles in our vehicles.   This will allow our body to absorb nutrition and function efficiently for energy and repair.  
So, day 1 I mess up.  Yup and I only admit this to hopefully help others NOT do the same.  I know some of you have done this very thing so I realize it’s easy to do.
I rocked this cleanse all day until the very end and forgot to take the herbal cleanse supplement before bed.  Ok, stop laughing.  So for me, day 2 became day 1.  Or I might look at it like I am doing an 11 day cleanse.  So, if you prefer to do the 10 day cleanse, follow my lead from here…
START THE DAY with a Spark drink (vitamin energy drink).  I do this everyday anyway.  During the cleanse I am taking 1 Catalyst 30 min. before each meal- a branch chain amino acid that protects your muscle from getting burned as energy.  Also good to take when exercising. 
* Let me nerd out for just a minute… On average, we burn 1 calorie per minute doing nothing.  Correction – even when we are doing “nothing” like sleeping, our body is working hard to rebuild and repair.  So, of that 1 calorie/minute burned, about 50% comes from carbohydrates, 50% from fat and 10-15% can come from muscle.  It’s preferable to keep the muscle and burn the fat. Can I get an amen?
30 MINUTES LATER drink a Fiber Drink followed by breakfast.  These days for me have fallen on busy early morning days, so I quickly mixed a Meal Replacement Drink.  
* Let’s talk a sec about this Fiber drink.  First, as you can expect, it’s thick.  My suggestion:  use a straw and drink it fast!  The first day I let it sit a minute and ended up using a spoon to “eat” it!  LOL  It was like apple sauce without the flavor.  
* When choosing the Fiber drink consider this –  Citrus is like gently scrubbing your intestines to remove build-up, which for many people helps minimize cravings.  Peaches & Cream stays in your system longer and is the great food for the gut.  A note from my Coach, Danielle:  “I typically suggest citrus for the cleanse because it is a little more thorough when it comes to scrubbing.   Peaches & cream is great for maintenance after the challenge since it feeds the probiotics and can help with feeling full.”  ~ Thanks Danielle that’s super helpful!
When it comes to this Fiber drink, listen to The Rock

SNACK TIME:  about 10 am I have a snack
LUNCH TIME:  Follow the guide – real, balanced food 
SNACK TIME:  I drink a Spark and then have a snack about 3:00
DINNER TIME:  Take 2 Omega-Plex with this meal
BEFORE BED:  Take the herbal cleanse 🙂
My grocery shopping before starting 24DC.
I’m not going to bore you with all the food I am eating, but I’ll share a few meals and snack here and there.  This is hormone free grass-fed lean ground beef, slightly grilled veggies (normally I cook them to the point of crispy… not so nutritious), avocado and salsa.  
 Easy, quick and delicious snacks. 
This was my breakfast for the first 3 days of the cleanse.  Berry Meal Replacement is so good.  I also adore the chocolate 🙂  This is my “running out the door” version:  water and powder shaken and dumped into a cup with ice.  
And this is my “Oh cool I have 5 more minutes” variation – Blended with ice.  
One more thing…we need to drink lots of water!
Things on the cleanse change slightly for the next days. 
Be intentional in everything you do!
Stay healthy!

Fitness Vacation Recap 2: MONDAY/TUESDAY

MONDAY & TUESDAY:  Each group I bring to this retreat will be different, and I learned very quickly that this particular group was not a 
“morning person”!  LOL 
For those of you who never saw the sunrise, here it is!   


Kay was up early with me, 
so we took advantage of that beautiful time of day.  
I did Kay’s a.m. session downstairs in the basement.  Most mornings we were out on the patio working out, but this particular morning it was a bit chilly so we stayed inside, opened up the doors, and enjoyed the view and ambiance of the ocean.

After the session we headed up-stairs for breakfast.  
Kay was eating a post-workout meal, 
while the others 
– just getting out of bed – 

After breakfast I took the rest of the group out to the 
beach for a morning pilates session.

This is me LOVING teaching pilates!  

We had the option of mixing a 
Protein Meal-Replacement Smoothie
Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap with Hummus & Avocado
(I think everyone chose this!)

For those of you wondering… YES!  This is a vacation!  
FIRST::  It’s SO awesome to be able to PAUSE all of life’s responsibilities and focus on nothing but 
Here it becomes enjoyable… Its the perfect environment to focus and learn!  If we can find a way to enjoy these important responsibilities, we will be able to make them a lifestyle! 

SECOND::  From lunch until about 4:00 is all about YOU time.  It was a time to enjoy the beach, 
hang out by the pool, or explore 
There is so much to do and see in this unique place. 
 Check this out for more info on St. Augustine.


Ok, so besides the beach, THIS is my favorite place to workout!  
Just imagine all the FUN we had!  LOL
Grilled Chicken and Fish
 Roasted Potatoes
Lemon Quinoa Cilantro Chickpea Salad

We roasted potatoes, onion, and garlic together
and added fresh rosemary from my friend’s garden.  
  • enjoy the stars on the ROOF TOP DECK
  • play Xbox 360 or pingpong
  • watch TV or put on a movie
  • play cards or board games
  • go to the beach for night-time shell hunting  🙂
We were serious SHELL HUNTERS.
We went out about 11:30 pm because it was 
We were treasure hunting 🙂

Chis is standing in a place that was completely under water during high-tide.  

This guy had a bad night.
Soon after we saw him, I found a few shark teeth! 
I’ll post pictures of them in a later post when I show off 
ALL of my BEACH BLING I found.

The next post I will let you in on our 
SKATEBOARD workouts