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Slow-Carb: Failure-Proofing Behaviors

Tim Ferriss describes the 
Four Principles Of Failure-Proofing Behavior

1. Make it consciousbe aware of your behavior in real time.  Not after the fact.  How to do this:

“…the photographs acted as an instantaneous intervention and forced people to consider their choices before the damage was done.”  Tim Ferriss

2.  Make it a game.  You must measure something along the way!  Keep records of your progress.

3.  Make it competitive! 
 “Embrace peer pressure.  It’s not just for kids”  Tim Ferriss
4.  Make it small and temporary.   
Ask yourself these questions:
  • “Do I really look like that in underwear?”  Put that before picture up to keep you focused!
  • “Do I really eat that?” Take pictures of your food and post them for others to see!
  • “Who can I get to do this with me?”  Find at least one person and invite them to a little friendly competition.  Use your total inches (TI) as a measuring tool. 

“Use competitive drive, guilt, and fear of humiliation to your advantage.”  Tim Ferriss

  • “What is the smallest meaningful change I can make?”   

“Taking off the pressure in 4HB means doing experiments that are short in duration and not overly inconvenient.  Don’t look at a diet change or a new exercise as something you need to commit to for six months, much less the rest of your life.  Look at it as a test drive of one to two weeks…..Take the pressure off and do something small…..Rig the game so you can win.”  Tim Ferriss

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