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DIY Household Cleaners

This is the month we are saying “Bye-Bye” to the old chemical filled, toxic household cleaners that cause harm and welcoming in the new homemade chemical-free, non-toxic cleaners that bring health to our home!  YAY!
Each week this month I will focus on a different room in the house.  So for WEEK 1, we will start in the KITCHEN.

Ladies, has anyone ever counted the number of hours we spend in the kitchen per day?  I’d be curious to know.  I call it my office.  I’ve got to love this space.  It sure does help me want to be in there when my office is clean and organized.
So now click on these links
and see just how easy the everyday cleaner is to make.  
DIY Air Freshener
DIY Bath/Shower Cleaner
DIY Counter Cleaner
DIY Air Freshener

DIY Air Freshener

DIY Fabric Softener
DIY Fabric Balls
Read THIS to find out WHY it’s important to reduce the chemicals in the home.
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Read THIS to find out what essential oils are toxic.

Essential Oils CAN BE Toxic!

Essential oil is the liquid that is distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, and other elements of a plant.  It contain the essence of the plant it came from.   To me, essential oils are like diamonds.  A diamond is a form of carbon that was exposed to great heat and pressure 100 miles or more below the Earth’s surface.  Volcanic activity brought these hidden jewels closer to the Earth’s surface and now we mine them and wear them proud.  What a BEAUTIFUL process!  

Essential oils are also treasure found in nature.  We can use them for their smell, medicinal purposes, and cleaning.  SO GOOD… SO NATURAL… BUT VERY POWERFUL!

As we use them, we need to understand a little bit about them.  We wouldn’t take a pill without knowing what it will do and the amount we should use because we know that it’s actually going to do something.  Essential oil is no different!  Enough said.  

Use essential oils with caution!  
They can become toxic in 2 forms:

1.  Phototoxicity:  certain oils can become toxic when exposed to sunlight.  They can be used in candles, but should not be used on anything that will stay on your skin and be exposed to the sun.  Using them in soap is fine because it’s washed off, but avoid them in lotions and balms.

2.  Plain Toxicity:  at certain levels, these oils will make you sick or hurt you.  Some of them can be used in soap or candles, but need to be used in moderation.   

THIS is a list of essential oils are TOXIC, what to avoid during pregnancy, and which ones should be used with caution. 

Click HERE to find out how these oils will actually CLEAN MY HOUSE.  

Check THIS out to learn why I changed from chemical, toxic cleaner to NATURAL.

Greek vs not-Greek Yougurt

I like 

frozen treats. 

mac & cheese.
(YES.  Sub it for the milk = YUMMY!)

I like Stonyfield Organic

so my info about yogurt is specific to this brand.

It is a good source of protein, calcium, fiber, and is gluten free.

 Stoneyfields yogurt has 6 added natural probiotics– awesome for healthy digestion and a strong immune system.

Sooooooo, should I switch from my regular organic yogurt over to greek yogurt?

Here’s the difference:

                                  Regular Organic Yogurt
  • good source of protein, calcium, riboflavin, phosphorus & magnesium.
  • low in lactose
  • supports a healthy digestive & immune system
  • restores beneficial bacteria that is killed off when taking antibiotics
  • the body digests yogurt faster and easier than milk
               All Good!
             Greek  Organic Yogurt
  • very rich, thick and creamy
  • has 2x the protein compared to reg. yogurt
  • less lactose
  • fewer carbs
So, it is better if you are involved in exercising and losing weight!


  • no toxic pesticides and herbicides
  • no GMOs
  • no Antibiotics
  • no Growth hormones

Go get some yogurt and enjoy.  
Let’s be creative in the way we use it and share!