5 Random Things About Ashley

It’s important for you to know who your trainer is, 
so here goes.


I have 3 plates and 39 screws in my face.  True!  Before I got married I had TMJ surgery.  It was really tough but I’m glad I did it!  After the surgery, I was not allowed to chew for 6 weeks.  During that time, all I wanted was a sandwich.  I could hardly stand it when I saw other people eating sandwiches.  Not sure why, I never really loved them before???  Anyhoo, I had this long list of foods I was going to eat as soon as the doc gave me the go ahead.  Disappointment:  the first bite I had at that point was mashed potatoes… and it hurt!  Needless to say, it took a little time to recover.  Glad I did it, but glad it’s over!  Oh, and incase you are wondering, I don’t have any trouble going through airport security.  The doc did tell me that I might possibly cause the medal detectors to go off!  LOL  So far I’ve made it through just fine!  🙂

I have had 3 broken bones as an adult in the past 7 years :/  
1)  Fracture on the top of my right food when I was pregnant with my son.   2)  Fractured my little toe on my left food by kicking it on the wooden dog bed in the night.   3)  I broke my right hand this past fall.  That was the worst!
Ok, enough about my bones.
I was born on fathers day.
My sister was born on mothers day.
I’m not lying.  

In high school, I decided I was going to be a marine biologist (I love the OCEAN!!!), but then I realized that job might compete with the other job I wanted:  stay-at-home mom!  I’ve been able to work my side jobs around my career as homemaker:  personal training, group fitness classes, 

I get a headache if I sleep past 8 am, 
no matter what time I go to sleep!?!?

Well, there it is.  
I hope you feel like you know me a little better now.

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