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It’s that time of year when I make the Plantain Tincture.  This will be my 5th year making it and I promise I wouldn’t keep doing this if it didn’t work.  Plus, it’s seriously the easiest thing ever.  This single batch lasts all year and I even have extra to share with friends.  We use it for all the bug bites… spider, bee, mosquito, wasps (those evil little monsters) and also snake bites (not that I’ve ever been bit, but if I do…).  This can also be used for splinters.  The plantain has a pulling agent and it heals the wounded area really good!  I had a small allergic reaction rash on my arm to some grass or something last week.  I sprayed my potion on it and BAM!!!… the itching and bumps disappeared in a few minutes.  Watch the video and make some this season.  Parents, this stuff stinks and can sting a little, but send it to camp this year with your kids.  My kids friends now ask what that weird stuff is I make b’c they want some hehehe.  Check it out and watch the video ↓↓↓


On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.”   Matthew 2:11

As a kid I would hear the story of the wise men bringing the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus. Immediately following the unfamiliar word frankincense, I would become distracted and start thinking about FrankenSTEIN. Clearly there was a disconnect and no significant meaning to this biblical detail for me at the time.


Fast forward to adult Ashley… a few years ago.  I started studying essential oils for homemade house cleansers and personal products like toothpaste and deodorant —» check it out in my STUFF WE MAKE post.  I remember the moment I came across Frankincense oil.


So clearly I was going to buy that one just because baby Jesus had it.

THEN I noticed the price and thought Hmmmm, maybe next time :/


Gold, frankincense and myrrh were standard gifts to honor kings in the ancient world – gold as a precious metal, frankincense as perfume or incense, and myrrh as anointing oil.  Read more… Biblical Archeology

Frankincense is a white resin from Boswellia trees that has long been used for incense or perfume. This resin has also been used as a traditional medicine in some cultures. It has a long history dating back thousands of years and has proven to have antiseptic and inflammatory properties. It was considered an effective remedy for toothaches to leprosy (


Frankincense was valued greater than gold (whaaaaa????) during ancient times and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it. It is mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records, dating from the 16th century BC – an ancient Egyptian list of 877 prescriptions and recipes. Wow that’s a lot.

Frankincense was used to anoint new born sons OF KINGS and priests… AND it was brought as a gift to the new born baby Jesus Christ!


I believe the special gift of Frankincense was given for a few reasons::

1. It represented honor and status for Jesus. Frankincense was an incense burned before the ark in the Holy of Holies.

2. It symbolized his priestly role and Christ’s willingness to become a sacrifice for us.  The Hebrew word “frankincense” means “pure or white,” because of the snowcapped mountains of Lebanon where frankincense is grown.

3. It was a WONDERFUL addition for Mary’s DIAPER BAG!

After discovering some of the health benefits… and enduring 2 natural child births of my own… I understand how much this gift rocks!  The Frankincense could have replaced the need for diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, antibiotic ointment and a few bonus benefits for Mary!





• Relief for inflammation and pain … after having a baby… YES

• It’s an antiseptic, meaning it will help eliminate bacteria and viruses… you know Mary loved this part… I mean, she gave birth in a barn… around animals… and a lot of poop.

• Can help with scar, wound, stretch mark healing… great for mama and awesome for active baby boy (my boy has taught me that boys of all ages need wound treatment!)

• Can relieve symptoms of indigestion … gas, constipation, bowel issues, PMS, cramps… ya know, some of those postpartum things they don’t warn you about before childbirth (TMI I’m sure for some of you  #sorrynotsorry) and also great for when baby doesn’t kick out a good burp.

• Can help balance hormone levels, relieve pain, cramps, headaches, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, and mood swings. Frankincense oil also helps with regulating estrogen production and reduces the risk of tumor or cyst development in pre-menopausal women.

Joseph was like #winning  

Every modern man is like ‘Where can I get this stuff?’

• Natural Cold or Flu Medicine… Isn’t it scary to think of your new baby getting sick? I had my son going into cold and flu season and I was totally freaked out.  As a mom, I absolutely see how this was such a valuable gift back then – knowing that Joseph couldn’t just run to Walgreens to pick up some medicine if Jesus got sick.  In oil form, they could add a few drops to a cloth to help fight sickness that their baby may have encountered.

• Frankincense is known to help with a respiratory infection, provide relief from coughing and helps eliminate phlegm in the lungs.  It also acts as an anti-inflammatory in the nasal passages, making breathing easier, even for those with allergies or asthma.

• Helps reduce stress reactions & negative emotions… I wonder if Mary struggled with postpartum depression?

Benefits of Frankincense SOURSE:: Dr. Axe

These are just a few of the benefits that made me realize how valuable this gift from the wise men truly was.  We do not know exactly how old Jesus was when the Magi found him and presented these gifts.  Some believe as old as 2 years.  So I don’t know exactly how Mary and Joseph used the gifts, but I imagine it was a humbling experience and they were a cherished and valuable resource for this small family.


We’ve started a new tradition of diffusing Frankincense on Christmas day.  These kind of traditions help us reflect on the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Thanks for reading and I hope YOU have a very Merry Christmas!






A few week ago I published the GYM BAG ESSENTIALS video on Youtube → see it here!  showing some staple items I love having with me to enhance my workouts.  Now I’ll be going into more detail about some of my favorites!


First favorite gym bag essential:  DEODORANT!!! We should ALWAYS have it in our bag 🙂 hehe. I use to buy a travel size store brand to keep in my bag ‘just in case’, but why ever settle for that? Our DIY deodorant has coconut oil, and that can be scary to travel with so we just add more cocoa butter to thicken it up!!  I really love this product.  The ingredients we used were aluminum-free baking soda, arrowroot (or cornstarch), coconut oil, cocoa butter and desired essential oils.  We used Lavender.  For suggestions on other oils you can use, full recipe and video tutorial —» check this out!   »»BUY NOW««

I’m also never far from my LIP BALM.  I like to have this with me all the time and you absolutely will find it in my GYM BAG!  Ingredients: beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, peppermint and lavender essential oils.  See full recipe and video tutorial here.  »»BUY NOW««


Next, you will find me with doTERRA DEEP BLUE RUB to sooth those achey and tired joints and muscles.  This topical cream is formulated with a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts and other powerful ingredients, including Deep Blue essential oil blend of wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, German chamomile, helichrysum, and osmanthus. For more information, click here.

Anyone who knows me knows I would have a good HAND SANITIZER close!  We all know how dirty gyms can be.  Even in a well maintained facility, blood, sweat and tears happen!!!  In most gyms, hand sanitizer is readily available, but we know that these options are not always the best idea – read 5 Hidden Dangers of Hand Sanitizer here.  By removing the ethyl alcohol (active ingredient in most brands) and the triclosan and replacing them with powerful antibacterial essential oils, we are able to destroy the yucky germs and protect the important good bacteria that helps build our immune system!  So I love having my DIY Hand Sanitizer close!  A simple mixture of Aloe Vera Juice, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E Oil and doTERRA’s On Guard essential oil blend makes for a safe, powerful and effective germ-killer!  Check out the full recipe and video tutorial here!  »»BUY NOW««

 Ladies, how about a nice BODY SPRAY to use after the workout!! Simply add Distilled Water, Witch Hazel and Oil of choice (my favorite —» Lavender) to a small spray bottle and you’ve got yourself a long-lasting, chemical-free fragrance!


When we need to grab a quick shower in the locker room after the workout, have these shower essentials packed up and ready to use   ↓  ↓  ↓

  • doTERRA PROTECTING SHAMPOO —» It smells amazing and is GOOD for colored hair (there is no ingredient that strips the color!  Yay!!!)
  • doTERRA SMOOTHING CONDITIONER —» Truly leaves the hair feeling soft and thick
  • DIY BODY WASH —» Castille Soap, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil of choice – Citrus Bliss is amazing and Vegetable Glycerin. We add all of this to a container with a foam pump. »»BUY NOW««
  • doTERRA HAND AND BODY LOTION —» This is a fragrance-free lotion that you can add in your own favorite essential oils.  Our top pick at the moment is Lavender for healing the skin in the sunny summer months.



The point of the “gym life” is to make it a lifestyle, right?

Well, what is the lifestyle we are creating?? For us, a cleaner, healthier life ♥

I partnered with Suzanna Underwood and my daughter’s online boutique ♥Of Eden♥ to create the Youtube video tutorials to share the method in which we create our products.  Click the links below, check out our videos and share with your friends ♥







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$11 for the combo –



This ‘itch treatment’ is actually a PLANTAIN TINCTURE that heals bites, stings, scrapes and burns.  It is something to keep in your first aid kit!  Read about it HERE.

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Take a few minutes and see how incredibly easy it is to make toothpaste at home.  We’ve been doing this for a year and love it SO MUCH MORE that the store brands.  
P.S.  It also whitens the teeth!

 You can BUY COCONUT OIL here.
It’s on SALE right now!!!  Yay
Take a look at my Tropical Traditions COCONUT OIL Review here!


I have found the best solution to take care of my skin after spending summer days in the sun.  It’s so simple and my skin has never felt so good!
Ok, between you and me, I got burned kinda bad a few weeks ago.  In fact, I can’t remember if I’ve EVER been burned so bad.  EVER.  For the past few years I have only used natural sun screens for me and my family, but this particular day I used one with chemicals… AND I FRIED!  I assure you that I am back to using the natural stuff!  Find out HERE why I switched in the first place.
Any who, this DIY lotion worked better than anything I have ever used, ever!  I applied it at least 4 times a day for the first 3 days.  
1.  It seriously soothed the burn.  2.  After a few days, my daughter and I both realized that my skin was super SOFT!  She asked what I was using and asked me to make her some!   3.  And finally, my peeling and itching was minimized.  
So from now on we use this:
You should make this!
Now go enjoy the 
* Thank you SWANSONVITAMINS.COM for providing the wonderful, natural products for this blog series!!!  Go check out this great company for your supplies.  They have the best prices I know!!!  Click HERE to get a $5 coupon to Swansons!!!  Go get you a FREE essential oil!



First, I can’t believe how easy this dryer sheet switch is.  Oh, and if you aren’t sure if it’s a big deal to replace what you are use to, read 10 TOXINS LURKING IN YOUR FABRIC SOFTENER 
Now there are a few different options here:  Felted Wool Dryer Balls (I read that they come apart in the dryer) or aluminum foil dryer balls (I’ve read mixed reviews and I REALLY want my laundry to smell good!) so I choose to go THE SOCK rout.  I first saw this idea on the CampWander blog.  I took Rebecca’s advice on the first load and choose to use my Lavender Essential Oil.  The first test: our bedroom sheets.  I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with the results!  My sheets are clean, soft, and smell delightful.  I hear that each ball will last 10-15 loads, depending on the brand of the oil you use.  I’ll give you my report in a few more laundry days.  

So now it’s your turn!  

I want to know what you think! 
Try it out and then come leave a comment.
For now, I’m going to curl up in my freshly cleaned sheets 🙂


Today we are cleaning our toilets with out any chemicals!  Oh fun!!!  LOL
And they will be CLEAN! Are you ready?
1. Pour 1 cup of Baking Soda into the jar. 
2. Then add 1 cup vinegar.
Remember that there will be somewhat of a science experiment during this step.  This captured the attention of my 7 year old, who asked, “Can I pour it?”  
And then…
However, this was so funny to Iver… 
and now he was fully invested in my project! 
3.  Add your essential oil.  
4. Shake it up.  
5.  Pour it in the toilet bowl and scrub.
So about THIS picture… 
I was cleaning the outside of the bowl before I let Iver scrub the inside (he actually asked if he could clean it!!!… that’s NEVER happened before… ever!)  So as I was wiping it down, I had the normal noise and movement that IS my son behind me.  But when I turned around, I found Iver using the toilet brush as a light saber fighting off who knows what in the bathroom!!!  EEEEEEEK!!!  I’m just SO glad it was a bran new brush that had never seen the inside of a toilet yet!  
And then I made him pose for a picture 🙂  
And then HE happily cleaned the toilet! 
Well, I hope you have as much fun and adventure that I had when it’s time to clean your potty!
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1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
8 drops of a citrus essential oil –
 lemon, orange, grapefruit, or lime
spray bottle – glass is best


Add all the ingredients to a spray bottle using a funnel.  Shake well before using.  Spray onto glass or mirror and then wipe with a dry cloth or towel.
Clean your faucets with this as well!  
Use in the bathroom and it will prevent your mirrors from fogging up 🙂

* Thank you SWANSONVITAMINS.COM for providing the wonderful, natural products for this blog series!!!  Go check out this great company for your supplies.  They have the best prices I know!!! Click HERE to get a $5 coupon to Swansons!!!  Go get you a FREE essential oil!



Shake it up often because the oils separate. 
That’s all I’ve got to say about that.
Oh, and glass jars are better than plastic.
Now go make it!!!
* Thank you SWANSONVITAMINS.COM for providing the wonderful, natural products for this blog series!!!  Go check out this great company for your supplies.  They have the best prices I know!!! Click HERE to get a $5 coupon to Swansons!!!  Go get you a FREE essential oil!