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January online class schedule posted! Come check out the 30 minute classes offered, including the NEW TYE4 6/1 Pilates class! I love this one, as it focuses on hip mobility/ flexibility & strength, targeting and toning inner and outer thighs … PLUS a BONUS arm workout, thanks to the beloved TYE4 😍 Check out the little demo below and head on over to TYE4FITNESS.COM to see the full January schedule. Then sign up and workout with me! Only $20/ month for unlimited classes!!! You can’t beat that! PLUS we have fun!


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GYM SPACE #postureRevolution … 6 am workout

This is one of the most important moments before my day starts… it’s part of the ‘warm-up’ but I prefer to call it ’posture prep’ 

According to my Chiropractor, Dr. Bills 🙌🏼 I happen to be tight in my thoracic spine area and naturally unstable & unsupported in my lower spine/ hip complex 😭 Without attention, this is a recipe for pain and injury (I know this from personal experience from before I started paying attention to movement fundamentals). 

My GOAL rx 

1. stretch the hard-to-reach- deep stabilizing posture muscles. 
2. Wake up/ recruit these muscles so they support the skeleton while lifting weights and pushing my body beyond it’s normal workload. 


With HeadFloater, bungees compress and decompress the skull while lengthening and stretching the neck. I use it to stretch and open chest, shoulder and back muscles.

Parasetter® is a unique foam roller system used for lower back stretches to improve the flexibility of the intercostal muscles (muscles surrounding the ribs), the spine and the deep fascia that is continuous from head to toe. The balance aspect fires up the deep core muscles and preps them for their stabilizing responsibilities. 

Because I have all my clients prepping this way, I created some videos showing exercise with both HeadFloater and Parasetter and you are welcome to them as well!

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Did you know that I teach 30 minute LIVE ONLINE TYE4 CLASSES every week??  I DO!!!  AND I LOVE IT!  Now we can meet up and workout together from all over the 🌎😅💦

CLASS MENU → Pilates | HIIT | Strength Training | Barre | Stretching & Mobility | Balance | Parasetter … in addition to workshops, nutrition and who knows what else 😆 ALL THE FITNESS 💪🏼


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