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I’ve stumbled upon the best solution for my skin after spending a glorious day in the sun.  It’s kinda obvious and super easy and cheap.  I used this for the first time last summer after getting a burn from using a chemical sun screen. BOOOOO!  I normally use a natural brand but this particular pool day I didn’t have any and used my friends.  
Read HERE to find out why we switched to natural in the first place.  
Anywho, I used this DIY lotion on my burn and it worked better than anything I have ever used, ever!  I applied it at least 4 times a day for the first 3 days.  
1.  It seriously soothed the burn.  
2.  After a few days, my daughter and I both realized that my skin was super SOFT!  She asked what I was using and asked me to make her some!  lol 
3.  And finally, my peeling and itching was minimized.  
So from now on we use this:

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