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As I reflect on 2017, I am overwhelmed from the growth and opportunities.  This past year I found myself growing with not just one team, but multiple teams.  The mission is still the same, but it’s a lot more fun and moves a lot faster together!

—» 2017 HIGHLIGHTS «—

FEBRUARY – Release of my first Pilates DVD → also available for digital download ashleybensonfitness.vhx.tv ← find them here!  I’m closing out the year with 6 videos and will be adding more in 2018.

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APRIL – I was contacted by Pilates Style Magazine for an interview.. my story was published in the May/June issue

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Last July I did an interview with Carli from Real Into on Fitness Transformations.  It was fun to look back at what got me focused and inspired on this journey, why I chose Pilates and how I’ve integrated my passion for health into my family.  Take a few minutes and head on over to her blog to read the FULL INTERVIEW. 

Since doing this interview, a lot has happened with Tye4!  I’ve been to NYC 2 times – once for the training and then back again for a Pilates Style Photo Shoot 🙂 – look for it in March!  I’ve also started teaching Tye4 classes and leading workshop to train the trainers.  

I had an interview on Channel 5 Talk of the Town on Tye4 classes and will begin training athletes with the Tye4 later this month.  This is an exciting season!  

AND we’ve started planning for our next HEALH & FITNESS BEACH VACATION!  We will be using Tye4 AND you will take it home with you to continue using.  Plus, you will be coached in the kitchen by Holistic Chef Laura Lea and be encouraged and educated on feeding yourself and your family better in the busyness of life.  It’s pretty fantastic and we have room for you!