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My Fashion Hack

Fashion isn’t my strongest skill, and almost every time I’m dressed nicer *not wearing workout clothes 🙄 I include at least one item that I wear for workouts. It makes me feel more like myself. For example 👇🏼

fashion hack

Daytime: the usual Pilates instructor look: yoga pants and tank. That day I wore my favorite Alo Yoga leggings with a simple Lululemon tank top.

Fast forward to getting ready for a night out… As usual, I over think what to wear, trying on many possible outfit options, leaving my bedroom looking like a tornado hit. I land on the same white Lululemon top, paired with a pencil skirt that looks similar to my yoga legging. Throw on a long, layered necklace and swap out the sneakers for heels, and BAM 💥 I’m ready for a night out!

That’s my style! What’s yours?

Comment below and let me know your fashion strategy!