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HeadFloater™ WORKSHOP JAN 11 – FREE

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!  
I enjoyed my family so much 
and now I’m looking forward to see what the new year will bring!
This past year I was introduced to 2 new products that are my absolute favorite things:
1. the TYE4® and 2. the HeadFloater™ both invented by
I use them both regularly and when I don’t I misses it greatly!
If you live in the Nashville area, you have a chance to come experience the HeadFloater on January 11!  I am holding a FREE workshop and if you use a computer, drive a car, spend any time on your phone or iPad, read books, play sports, or have any kind of shoulder or neck tension, 
I will do two 30 minute sessions.  One will start at 9 am and the second will start at 9:30.  We will be at 
524 N. University St.
Murfreesboro, Tn
The Workshop is FREE
The HeadFloater is $35
email for questions and to buy a HeadFloater



“My shoulders, triceps and glutes are sore… And I like it! Haha.
Feel like my core looks a little extra toned today too. Sweet!” Elise
“Loved your class! You are a wonderful instructor and enjoyed the TY4.
Always like mixing it up and this device definitely did add a boost.” Heather
“My triceps have definitely been sore since Friday. So excited for our next class!” Jenna
“feeling good here…if I contract my triceps and abs, can definitely feel the “love” yesterday’s class put on them…lol…
can’t wait for next week” Shannon
“I’m a little sore but feel great and can’t wait til the next workout!!” Tammie
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Email to buy a Tye4 $75
And please give me a shout if you have any questions!