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I am so excited that I am now an Ambassador for a company called Fitmark!  Fitmark specializes in sports bags that are perfectly designed for fitness without compromising style.  YAY!

Ok ladies, you know how the “shopping for a purse” routine goes:  First select it based on color, size, and style. Now ask yourself, “Will this look good with what I wear?”  Second, we must open it and inspect all the features of the purse:  “How will my wallet fit? Will this bag become a BLACK HOLE, or does it offer organization?  Where will I put my cell phone and will I be able to pull it out fast enough when it rings without making a scene in public?”  And third, “Is it a good fit for me?  Will it continually fall off my shoulder?  Is it the right length for me?  And on and on and on.  How happy are we when we find the perfect bag?  

Well this is why I love Fitmark.  Here we can shop for our sports/travel bag like we do a purse.  Cool right?  
You have to go HERE now and check out their bags!  
They published my article
Read it HERE on the FitMark blog!  
Go take a look and see how even just one mat pilates session can improve your overall run!

Ok, I must put away the computer and get outside and enjoy this lovely day. 
Bye for now 🙂