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DAY 1-3
The 24 Day Challenge¬†begins with a cleanse. ¬†This is a¬†gentle¬†tune-up good to do every 90 days. ¬†It’s the same concept as getting an oil change every 3000-ish miles in our¬†vehicles. ¬† This will allow our body to absorb nutrition and function¬†efficiently for energy and repair. ¬†
So, day 1 I mess up. ¬†Yup and I only admit this to hopefully help others NOT do the same. ¬†I know some of you have done this very thing so I realize it’s easy to do.
I rocked this cleanse all day until the very end and forgot to take the herbal cleanse supplement¬†before bed. ¬†Ok, stop laughing. ¬†So for me, day 2 became day 1. ¬†Or I might look at it like I am doing an 11 day cleanse. ¬†So, if you prefer to do the 10 day cleanse, follow my lead from here…
START THE DAY with a Spark drink (vitamin energy drink).  I do this everyday anyway.  During the cleanse I am taking 1 Catalyst 30 min. before each meal- a branch chain amino acid that protects your muscle from getting burned as energy.  Also good to take when exercising. 
* Let me nerd out for just a minute… On average, we burn 1 calorie per minute doing nothing. ¬†Correction – even when we are doing “nothing” like sleeping, our body is working hard to rebuild and repair. ¬†So, of that 1 calorie/minute burned, about 50% comes from carbohydrates, 50% from fat and 10-15% can come from muscle. ¬†It’s preferable to keep the muscle and burn the fat. Can I get an amen?
30 MINUTES LATER drink a Fiber Drink followed by breakfast.  These days for me have fallen on busy early morning days, so I quickly mixed a Meal Replacement Drink.  
* Let’s talk a sec about¬†this Fiber drink. ¬†First, as you can expect, it’s thick. ¬†My suggestion: ¬†use a straw and drink it fast! ¬†The first day I let it sit a minute and ended up using a spoon to “eat” it! ¬†LOL ¬†It was like apple¬†sauce without the flavor. ¬†
* When choosing the Fiber drink consider this – ¬†Citrus is like gently scrubbing your¬†intestines to remove build-up, which for many people helps minimize cravings. ¬†Peaches & Cream stays in your system longer and is the great food for the gut. ¬†A note from my Coach, Danielle: ¬†“I typically suggest citrus for the cleanse because it is a little more thorough when it comes to scrubbing. ¬† Peaches & cream is great for maintenance after the challenge since it feeds the probiotics and can help with feeling full.” ¬†~ Thanks Danielle that’s super helpful!
When it comes to this Fiber drink, listen to The Rock

SNACK TIME:  about 10 am I have a snack
LUNCH TIME:  Follow the guide Рreal, balanced food 
SNACK TIME:  I drink a Spark and then have a snack about 3:00
DINNER TIME:  Take 2 Omega-Plex with this meal
BEFORE BED:¬† Take the herbal cleanse ūüôā
My grocery shopping before starting 24DC.
I’m not going to bore you with all the food I am eating, but I’ll share a few meals and snack here and there. ¬†This is hormone free grass-fed lean ground beef, slightly grilled veggies (normally I cook them to the point of crispy… not so nutritious), avocado and salsa. ¬†
 Easy, quick and delicious snacks. 
This was my breakfast for the first 3 days of the cleanse. ¬†Berry Meal Replacement is so good. ¬†I also adore the chocolate ūüôā ¬†This is my “running out the door” version: ¬†water and powder shaken and dumped into a cup with ice. ¬†
And this is my “Oh cool I have 5 more minutes” variation – Blended with ice. ¬†
One more thing…we need to drink lots of water!
Things on the cleanse change slightly for the next days. 
Be intentional in everything you do!
Stay healthy!