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Take a few minutes and see how incredibly easy it is to make toothpaste at home.  We’ve been doing this for a year and love it SO MUCH MORE that the store brands.  
P.S.  It also whitens the teeth!

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My daughter, Taylor, attends a super cool school called Cedar Hall.  It’s a school on a farm!  The classical learning style helps develop a love of reading, learning and exploring.  
The hands-on “farm” learning teaches the students about life and gives application to what they are learning.  
I was honored last week when I was invited to do a demo and show the kids how easy it is to make chemical-free common household (and school) products. 
The entire Middle School.
As you can see, I pulled out my stash of goodies from my “chemistry lab” and handed out a sheet with the recipes for them to follow.
Are YOU curious as to what we made???
Well, I thought I’d be a nice blogger and share with you 🙂

(click for recipe)
(click for recipe)
We made hand soap and all-purpose spray for both the girls and the boys bathrooms.  Each decided on the essential oil “flavor” they wanted.
(click for recipe)
We all made a batch to take home and try out. 
* 1 part Baking Soda
* 1 part Coconut Oil
* 5-10 drops of essential oil:
peppermint  spearmint  eucalyptus  grapefruit
lemon  lime  cinnamon  rosemary  orange
* And everyone gets their own toothpaste container! 
The spearmint was the most popular, followed by peppermint and orange.  A few tried cinnamon and we decided it “tasted” like those Christmas cinnamon brooms… 
so not for me.
I did warn the kids that this tasts/feels salty because of the baking soda.  Add more coconut oil if you want and you can add a little stevia or sugar to sweeten it… but that seems weird to me because we are trying to remove sugars from our teeth, but some recipes add it.  
Check out how easy this is on my DIY Toothpaste video.

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* Citrus oils pul toxins out of plastics and should only be used with glass.
* Essential oils should not be used undiluted on the skin.  Some can be used with “carrier oils, waxes,     butters, alcohols, or other diluting measures
* Do not take essential oils internally – especially wintergreen and eucalyptus
* If you’re allergic to a food, you will be allergic to that oil.
* Most essential oils are high in antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties… good for cleaning!
* If you use product on a child under 5 yrs, use half the amount of essential oils
* Always test a small area of your skin first to make sure it isn’t  going to irritate your skin
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Goodbye for now,