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I’m so excited to tell you about a cool new place to get healthy and fit.  It’s called H3O AQUATICS. 
–Health, Healing, Hope, Outreach Aquatics.       
They are a medical rehabilitation facility that provides physical therapy, personal training and small group exercise classes in their indoor heated pools.  Read more here. Take a look at all those toys to help get you moving and strong.  I like the parallel bars under the water. 

They even have treadmills… in the water!!! Yup these are motorized underwater treadmills.  Super cool.  Run or walk forwards or backwards… or work lateral movements.  There is so much fun to be had right there. 

They also have a HydroMessage bed!  Yes ma’am that’s good stuff right there.  I tried it and can honestly say I am positive I want one at my house.   Anyone want to give me one?  No?  
Well until then I’m happy to use this one 🙂 
You can also rent the space for parties.  We just had my baby’s 13th b-day party there…  Hold on a sec.  Did I just say I have a 13 year old now?  Ugh, I’m going to need a moment….
Alright, that might take a minute to get use to.
So back to the review… this was such a fun party!  Had music, lights and plenty of laughing and splashing. And the moms took turns enjoying the HydroMassage bed!  That’s a nice time had by all. The last part of the party we put up a volleyball net and the kids went to town.  So much fun.  
Thank you H3O Aquatics for hosting us!!!!

This is a 100% Veteran owned business.
Check out more videos on YouTube. 
Find more info on their website H3OAquatics.com

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