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[Days 4-10]

The next 4 days are very similar to days 1-3 but we don’t have to drink the FIBER DRINK!!!  Whoop whoop!!!  ProBiotic Restore supplement is added in the morning with the Spark energy drink.  It supports healthy intestinal function*, enhances weight management*, improves nutrient absorption*, provides immune system support*.  Read more here.  Anyway, really good stuff. 

The meals stay the same as days 1-3.  I have had a meal replacement shake for one meal every day.  The other meals have included raw veggies, eggs, beans, hummus, fruit and meat.   So I find that every time I take challenges like this, I learn something new about myself.  Well this is not new for me, but it reminded me that I don’t really like eating meat.  I’m super picky with the meat I do eat, and because it is lacking in my diet, I fill in the gaps with protein supplements.   During the cleanse phase I’m not using any of the Sports Performance line (like Muscle Gain and Post-Workout Recovery Drink) that I’ve fallen in love with.  I HAVE MISSED THEM THE MOST OF ANYTHING!  

* Keep taking the OmegaPlex with dinner.
* Gotta keep up the water intake.
* Keep going.

The days end with the Herbal Cleanse caplets.  


[Days 8-10]

These are the final days of the cleanse phase.  I continued taking the ProBiotic Restore with my Spark and 30 min later… yup… that FIBER DRINK dum dum dum.  Honestly tho, it was much easier to take the last 3 days.  Just chug it.  Then eat a good breakfast or drink a shake.  

Snacks, lunch and dinner with OmegaPlex are the same.
We have taken this challenge to break bad habits and cravings, create new ones for a healthy life and set our body up to operate efficiently.  Life happens and when it gets hard, we must stay focused and complete the commitment we started.  Quitting is not an option, and when we are tempted to give up, listen to The Rock

After day 10, the CLEANSE PHASE is completed!!!!
Now for the MAX PHASE – my favorite phase!!!!!
I look forward to sharing this part with you soon.
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