Check out this testimony from a friend of mine

↓ ‘GYM GUY’ John Moorhead ↓


John became curious about TYE4 this summer and decided to give it a try.  He’s following Jim Stoppage’s Shortcut To Shred program and discovered how a little bit of TYE4 conditioning makes a big difference…

“For the longest time, I thought Pilates was a Greek mathematician. I finally learned that it was something you did with your body to increase mobility and flexibility, preferably while wearing aqua-colored tights and listening to Enya. Therefore, as a man, I used to think of a few other “p-words” when I heard the word Pilates: pumpkin spice lattes, and pretentiousness.

Okay, so maybe that’s painting with a broad brush — but seriously, Pilates was never a form of exercise that I embraced, or even took seriously. I consider myself to be fairly health-conscious, but I’ve never been keen on the concept of group fitness classes, yoga, and other seemingly “graceful” methods of burning calories. I’ve spent the last ten years doing a mixture of weightlifting, mixed martial arts, and occasional bouts of rock climbing. Most of those involved blood, all involved pain, and pain was a right of passage.

Fast-forward a few years… pain had transitioned from a right of passage to a “way of life”. I had noticed friends of mine (mostly female) at my church mentioning this odd-looking bungee cord called “Tye4”. They wore it, did a bunch of Pilates-looking stuff, and usually followed it up with an Instagram post of a coffee, aimed to make Yuppies in the area salivate with envy. “I’ll pass” I thought. But I kept seeing it… kept hearing about the “burn” that it would give. I continued hearing about the flexibility, and the mobility, and the “strength” (yes, strength from a bungee cord). So, when I connected the dots that two of my favorite people from church — Ashley and Jeremy Benson — were distributing it, I let my curiosity get the better of me, and started asking them some questions. Those questions turned into “maybe it can help with MY pain, MY flexibility”.

Ashley and Jeremy were gracious enough to meet with me and my wife to show us some basic moves and stretches. Within minutes, I could tell that Tye4 was the real deal. Not only was I squaring-up my shoulders to wear it more comfortably, but I was pushing myself to stretch further to “feel” the Tye4’s resistance. It’s a psychological thing for me — the resistance sent a tactile cue to my brain to “push” into the stretch. This is good, because I have the flexibility of an anvil. The other thing that became immediately apparent after working with Jeremy was the symmetry it introduced to my body. Without the Tye4, it’s quite easy to stretch one arm a bit further, one leg a little less. But with the Tye4 forming a bridge across the axis of your body, if one side dominates, you feel the resistance respectively increase. Subconsciously, you make the adjustment. All muscles get worked evenly. It’s brilliant.

My wife also took notice of the effects… for at least a year, her shoulder was extremely sore during exercise, something akin to an impingement. After two days with the Tye4, the pain was negligible and she had full range of motion. A few days later, Ashley showed us some HIIT (high intensity interval training) techniques and put us through a quick ten-minute session… by the end of it, I was drenched. The resistance of each cable is very light… maybe between five and ten pounds, depending on the orientation of the cables. But what destroys you (in a good way) is that five/ten pounds being pushed in *every* direction. Coupled with HIIT, you will definitely exhaust the affected muscle groups.

We both loved it so much that we purchased one for each of us to use, and we have used it every day since. Most days, we use it as a warm-up routine to wake up our muscle groups and get the blood flowing. But a few days each week, we wear it throughout the workout. I especially love it on chest day — the Tye4 acts like an invisible spotter when you’re doing dumbbell chest press, the resistance keeping your form in check throughout the full range. Between sets, we do cardio-acceleration, miniature HIIT bursts for 60 seconds while the resistance taxes our muscle groups. You’ll be the wettest person in the gym, but that IS why you’re there, right?

Since we’ve been wearing the Tye4 in the gym for a few weeks, we have received a few stares. But just as I was skeptical at first, those stares have turned into “Hey bro, what is that?” and “What does it do?”, and that’s precisely when we share our Tye4 story with them. Special thanks to Ashley and Jeremy for the coaching, and helping us learn about Tye4. They truly have a passion for helping their clients become the very best version of themselves, and it’s exciting to help them spread the word about this unique device that is changing lives.
— John Moorehead





GOAL:: To feel confident and amazing in our clothes, be it a Little Black Dress or Shorts & Tees that are around the corner this spring.

Join the ONLINE COACHING GROUP for the 30 Day LBD Challenge!!!  This is a popular workout from Daily Fitness Challenges  and I’m showing my group how to incorporate the TYE4 system for each exercise to add resistance and decrease impact on the joints.  You are welcome to join the challenge if you don’t have a TYE4 and just use your body weight.


Join my coaching group for the LBD CHALLENGE …

• Workout can be done anywhere
• 3 exercises are assigned each day [workout content from Daily Fitness Challenge]
• Daily instructions and demo videos will be posted everyday in coaching group

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• Receive more results than you expect when using TYE4 [TYE4 – $80 BUY NOW]
• This workout is progressive and at the end you will be stronger, have more muscle tone and have more endurance!
• Exercises are moderate to advanced but can be modified
• Unlimited access to the coaches to answer questions and customize the exercises
• NOT JUST FOR THE LADIES!  Yes I know the name of this challenge is a bit girly, but guys are welcome to join in and we promise we won’t ruin your rep by telling everyone you’re working out to fit in a dress!  All the exercises are full body functional movements 😉
• If you’re already a member of the coaching group, you don’t need to sign up… Just let me know you’ll be participating in the challenge so I can keep you accountable 😘
• The price of 2 Starbucks drinks gets you a 1 month membership for this challenge!


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Prepping for the LITTLE BLACK DRESS Workout Challenge::

To test, I did all the exercises (50-60 reps) at the GYM with basic equipment and then I did the same workout using only TYE4® at home.

The gym workout was good, sweaty and challenging. Knees were a bit cranky from some jumping and my back felt tight and knotted at the end [you know what I mean? Felt like I needed a massage]


The TYE4 session made me SORE, got my heart rate up higher but I had no joint pain and had a fast recovery period. Also, my back felt good and strong – almost like I’d come from a massage!!

Further evidence of the value of the Tye4!

My online coaching group is starting this 30 day workout challenge soon and they will receive daily videos showing how to apply the TYE4 to each exercise to make it more effective!

Check out the links below for info on TYE4::


To purchase TYE4 click


Next video posted will show how to apply TYE4 to this workout.  Stay tuned!… 






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Oh, and…



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Well, the gyms are about to be PACKED and FITNESS is about to become very popular again – not as trendy in Nov & Dec haha  That’s all fine and good, but the real KEY TO CHANGE starts in the kitchen. Once we get our eating under control and in order, the ‘gym part’ will have a greater payoff!


So if you need to jumpstart

• weight management • energy • overall body composition • overall wellness

JOIN US for the NationWide Advocare ALL-IN 24 Day Challenge!

We are starting January 11, 2016
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• My family has trusted and benefited from Advocare for over 10 years for our vitamin and supplement needs, and we’ve witnessed the greatest results from our clients through this program. I’m personally excited to do the challenge again because it dissolves my bad food cravings, boosts my energy and resets good eating habits!!

H E L L O NewYear
photo credit:: @wrightkitchen

TYE4® 2016

TYE4-sideplank ad

2016 is going to be an exciting year for TYE4@ wearable resistance system… New classes are popping up all over the world in a variety of locations – from YMCA facilities to elite Dance and Pilates studios to Crossfit gyms. The New York City Ballet trains in TYE4 and this past season, we had a few of the Washington Wizard NBA basketball players using TYE4 to assist with physical therapy and to keep themselves stretched and warm on the sidelines during games. This is so exciting and there is much more to come! Many more instructors are working towards their TYE4 certifications and many people will see life changing benefits from using TYE4!  Interested in becoming a TYE4 coach or instructor, visit TheMethod for more info.

It’s so fun to see how diverse this training system is.  More people are using TYE4 at home to help them loose weight, build strength, gain flexibility, improve posture, develop better balance & coordination and also rehab their body (specifically ankles, knees and shoulders). It can be worn while doing your regular workout or put it on and clean your house!!  Seriously, this is happening!!!  Busy moms are now wearing TYE4 while they clean and cook… and they are seeing results!!!  When you have it on, the muscles that line and support your spine are engaged, along with your abdominals!!!!  It also activates the stabilizer muscles around your ankles, knees, and hips so they are support and strengthened.  It’s easy and it’s smart!

Look for the NEW Bone Up™ TYE4 classes coming to the Nashville area in 2016!

Bone Up is a safe and beneficial class designed specifically to those individuals with Osteoporosis, Osteopina, or any condition which limits spinal flexion in exercise.

This class focuses on improving balance, building bone mass, and increasing overall strength, flexibility and endurance with an emphasis on body alignment to ensure safety, regardless of your ability level. read more… Riverbrook Regional YMCA

Purchase TYE4® – $80 BUY NOW

Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel for TYE4 workouts and ideas.

Join the TYE4 COACHING GROUP for content and support!





On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.”   Matthew 2:11

As a kid I would hear the story of the wise men bringing the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus. Immediately following the unfamiliar word frankincense, I would become distracted and start thinking about FrankenSTEIN. Clearly there was a disconnect and no significant meaning to this biblical detail for me at the time.


Fast forward to adult Ashley… a few years ago.  I started studying essential oils for homemade house cleansers and personal products like toothpaste and deodorant —» check it out in my STUFF WE MAKE post.  I remember the moment I came across Frankincense oil.


So clearly I was going to buy that one just because baby Jesus had it.

THEN I noticed the price and thought Hmmmm, maybe next time :/


Gold, frankincense and myrrh were standard gifts to honor kings in the ancient world – gold as a precious metal, frankincense as perfume or incense, and myrrh as anointing oil.  Read more… Biblical Archeology

Frankincense is a white resin from Boswellia trees that has long been used for incense or perfume. This resin has also been used as a traditional medicine in some cultures. It has a long history dating back thousands of years and has proven to have antiseptic and inflammatory properties. It was considered an effective remedy for toothaches to leprosy (


Frankincense was valued greater than gold (whaaaaa????) during ancient times and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it. It is mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records, dating from the 16th century BC – an ancient Egyptian list of 877 prescriptions and recipes. Wow that’s a lot.

Frankincense was used to anoint new born sons OF KINGS and priests… AND it was brought as a gift to the new born baby Jesus Christ!


I believe the special gift of Frankincense was given for a few reasons::

1. It represented honor and status for Jesus. Frankincense was an incense burned before the ark in the Holy of Holies.

2. It symbolized his priestly role and Christ’s willingness to become a sacrifice for us.  The Hebrew word “frankincense” means “pure or white,” because of the snowcapped mountains of Lebanon where frankincense is grown.

3. It was a WONDERFUL addition for Mary’s DIAPER BAG!

After discovering some of the health benefits… and enduring 2 natural child births of my own… I understand how much this gift rocks!  The Frankincense could have replaced the need for diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, antibiotic ointment and a few bonus benefits for Mary!





• Relief for inflammation and pain … after having a baby… YES

• It’s an antiseptic, meaning it will help eliminate bacteria and viruses… you know Mary loved this part… I mean, she gave birth in a barn… around animals… and a lot of poop.

• Can help with scar, wound, stretch mark healing… great for mama and awesome for active baby boy (my boy has taught me that boys of all ages need wound treatment!)

• Can relieve symptoms of indigestion … gas, constipation, bowel issues, PMS, cramps… ya know, some of those postpartum things they don’t warn you about before childbirth (TMI I’m sure for some of you  #sorrynotsorry) and also great for when baby doesn’t kick out a good burp.

• Can help balance hormone levels, relieve pain, cramps, headaches, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, and mood swings. Frankincense oil also helps with regulating estrogen production and reduces the risk of tumor or cyst development in pre-menopausal women.

Joseph was like #winning  

Every modern man is like ‘Where can I get this stuff?’

• Natural Cold or Flu Medicine… Isn’t it scary to think of your new baby getting sick? I had my son going into cold and flu season and I was totally freaked out.  As a mom, I absolutely see how this was such a valuable gift back then – knowing that Joseph couldn’t just run to Walgreens to pick up some medicine if Jesus got sick.  In oil form, they could add a few drops to a cloth to help fight sickness that their baby may have encountered.

• Frankincense is known to help with a respiratory infection, provide relief from coughing and helps eliminate phlegm in the lungs.  It also acts as an anti-inflammatory in the nasal passages, making breathing easier, even for those with allergies or asthma.

• Helps reduce stress reactions & negative emotions… I wonder if Mary struggled with postpartum depression?

Benefits of Frankincense SOURSE:: Dr. Axe

These are just a few of the benefits that made me realize how valuable this gift from the wise men truly was.  We do not know exactly how old Jesus was when the Magi found him and presented these gifts.  Some believe as old as 2 years.  So I don’t know exactly how Mary and Joseph used the gifts, but I imagine it was a humbling experience and they were a cherished and valuable resource for this small family.


We’ve started a new tradition of diffusing Frankincense on Christmas day.  These kind of traditions help us reflect on the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Thanks for reading and I hope YOU have a very Merry Christmas!





March 29 - April 3, 2016



Join us for this Health and Fitness Vacation at the world famous Casa de Campo resort in La Romana, Domincan Republic.

—» 5 days and 4 nights away from it all featuing luxury accomidations, delightful food, excursions, pampering and daily classes with Dana Taft and Ashley Benson.

Registration cost is $1,400 and space is limited so book today!

A non-refunable deposit of $500 is required to secure your spot. The balance is due by February 15th, 2016. Because of advance costs associated with travel we will not be able to refund cancellations after February 15th, 2016.

We will stay at a private oasis, an exotic six bedroom luxury home located in Punta Aguila, the most exclusive sector of Casa de Campo Resort. It is an ultra-unique enclosed residential community in the East coast of the Dominican Republic.

The Villa is placed right behind the 14th hole of Teeth of the Dog, one of the world’s finest and most celebrated golf courses. In fact, it is number 1 in the Caribbean. With its 18,300 square foot interior area over a 26,000 square foot of a paradise spot, it is truly very spacious. It is just 10 minutes away from Altos de Chavon, the Marina and its exclusive boutiques, restaurants and supermarket.


Guests once registered will have an identity card and full access to all Casa de Campo resort facilities: golf (Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore and The Links courses), tennis courts, Shooting Center, Dude Ranch, Minitas Beach, Fitness Center, Spa, and polo. Boat charters and deep sea fishing are also available at La Marina.

Daily fitness classes will be led by the talented Dana Taft and yours truly, Ashley Benson.  Some of the classes I will be leading include TYE4 Pilates, HIIT, Barre and Cardio Conditioning.  [more on TYE4 FITNESS click here]  Many classes offered… guests attend as many as they like!


Your registration includes holistic treatments offered by KI-RA, daily green juice and two chef prepared meals, lodging, massage treament, beach bonfire experience, and ground transportation to and from Punta Cana Airport. Price does not include staff tips or any additional spa services. No refunds of your deposit permitted.


Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 3.21.29 PM


Take advantage of the low price of $1,400!

click here —› Register Today !!!

Join the FACEBOOK Bliss Health & Fitness Vacation

for updates!

Interest in sponsoring this trip, email 




Welcome to Phase 1 training!

Here we will work the FOUNDATIONS of true strength and fitness…


 TYE4® will help us achieve this quickly!



1. First thing in the morning, follow the 8 minute warm-up video below.

2. Last thing before going to bed, follow the same 8 minute warm-up video.

Click here for WARM UP video



For those of you who are new to TYE4, I hope you had a chance to get comfortable in it during Day 1. The morning warm-up wakes up the body, initiates circulation allowing oxygen to start moving, and is the ultimate ‘Morning stretch’ – PERFECT way to start your day!

The evening session serves a sightly different purpose:

•  To open up and stretch the chest and shoulder muscles that have been shortened throughout the day, pulling the head forward from our technology lifestyle
•  To lengthen the hamstrings, releasing back stress
•  To move hormones caused by stress from the day out of the body faster. This results in better sleep… which leads to faster muscle repair… which gets you closer to your goals! IT’S SO GOOD!

So good, in fact, that we are repeating the same routine for DAY 2! This time, think about WHY you are doing the TYE4 warmup.

Reach farther, go deeper and feel the muscles stretching!


1. First thing in the morning, follow the 8 minute warm-up video below.

2. Last thing before going to bed, follow the same 8 minute warm-up video.

Click here for WARM-UP video




I hope you are feeling great from the past few days. Now it’s time to start layering on!


• Start with warm-up video [8 min 52 sec]
• Next, do the balance video [5 min 21 sec]
• And end with the shoulder workout [this is only 1 min 33 sec… this is a good amount of time isolating the shoulders, but push yourself and do more reps than I instruct if you can]
Find a time in your day to devote 15 minutes to these sets. It won’t hurt to continue using the warm-up first thing in the morning and right before bed, but that would be extra
Continue in your regular workouts if you have any. These TYE4 warmups will set you up for better and safer workouts!





• Start with warm-up video [8 min 52 sec]
• Next, do the balance video [5 min 21 sec]
• And end with the shoulder workout [this is only 1 min 33 sec… this is a good amount of time isolating the shoulders, but push yourself and do more reps than I instruct if you can]

… Find a time in your day to devote 15 minutes to these sets. It won’t hurt to continue using the warm-up first thing in the morning and right before bed, but that would be extra
Continue in your regular workouts if you have any. These TYE4 warmups will set you up for better and safer workouts!





• Choose best time of day for your workout
• Start with Warm-up Video
• Grab a mat and floor space for Roll-up Video
• Next do Leg Circles Video
• Finish with Foot Work Video

If you aren’t comfortable getting down on the floor, you can follow these workouts in the standing position. Let us know privately if you need more help modifying!

Continue using the Balance and Shoulder sequences as you see fit.

Continue using Warm-Up to help wake up your body or wind down before bed where you see value.







Choose best time of day for your workout

• Start with Warm-up Video
• Grab a mat and floor space for Roll-up Video
• Next do Leg Circles Video
• Finish with Foot Work Video

If you aren’t comfortable getting down on the floor, you can follow these workouts in the standing position. Let us know privately if you need more help modifying!

Continue using the Balance and Shoulder sequences as you see fit.

Continue using Warm-Up to help wake up your body or wind down before bed where you see value.







• Start with Tye4 Warmup… try to start anticipating what comes next. Reach farther, go deeper in each movement
• Next do Balance video. Push harder today… lift leg just a little higher, pause at the top and lower with control resisting gravity
• Stay standing and do the FootWork Video standing. Triangle the leg bungees out to the side to help with balance
• End with the Pilates Roll up down on a mat

… this is the minimum workout… add more if you have time!






BREAKFAST (contributor Sara Upton)

Delicious breakfast egg, tomato, cheese and pepper burrito.

written by Contributor Sara Upton…

Eating a healthy breakfast does a number of positive things for you physically. For instance, it gives your body the perfect dose of energy that it needs to make it through your busy morning. It has also been linked to enhanced weight control. Up to 90 percent of people who have been able to maintain weight loss for more than year indicating that they eat this important meal at least five of the seven days per week. 

However, the key to making breakfasts work for you is to choose food options that supply a decent amount of nutrients while tasting amazing. What are some to consider?
Tasty Yet Healthy Breakfast Options
If you have a little bit of time on your hands, a breakfast burrito is a great way to get some nutritious foods in your system and satisfy your hunger at the same time. Don’t be afraid to load it up with veggies either. Peppers, avocado, tomatoes, and any others you want to add will boost the flavor while keeping it healthy. 

Another option, and one that is slightly more filling, is whole-wheat apple pancakes. By adding wheat flour, you’re consuming healthier carbs. The apples are good for you too as they are loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants and fiber, which is good for your digestive tract, lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes, and even has the potential of reducing your cholesterol levels.

If you don’t have a lot of time to make a meal, a nutrient-packed breakfast to consider is a simple green smoothie. Some ingredients that are great in green smoothies include kale, spinach, and parsley. Of course, you can always add other non-green foods as well, such as different fruits, flax seed, and other nutritious ingredients that you’ve grown to love.

Juicing is yet another alternative and one that a lot of people find enables them to start their day with a lot of energy without giving them a full stomach that can weigh them down. How is juicing different than smoothies? The main difference between the two is that juicing removes a large amount of the fiber. 

It’s still good for you, though, as many people have experienced improved health via juicing. Jil Larsen is one of them. She was able to reverse her skin disorder after just six months of eating healthier foods and juicing.

And here is one more idea for a quick and healthy breakfast for those crazy busy mornings…

Healthy Breakfast Tips
If you typically struggle with eating a healthy breakfast, here are some tips that can help:

  • Buy nutritious breakfast foods that you not only enjoy eating, but that you also don’t mind making, so you aren’t tempted to walk out the door without them.
  • Have a number of healthy food options on hand so you don’t get bored eating the same breakfasts over and over again.
  • Keep your fridge and pantry stocked so you can’t skip breakfast due to the excuse that there’s nothing to eat.

Click HERE for more details about the NOVEMBER BINGO CHALLENGE and sign up HERE!

Come join the fun!!


bingo final

Thank you Sara for encouraging us in these healthy ways!

Follow Sara now on Twitter —»  here «— for more on healthy lifestyles!!