Guest Post:  David Smith
Having a baby can be a very exciting time, but the toll it takes on your body is not likely something many women embrace. The body’s process of preparing to give birth (not to mention the actual birthing process itself) can make even the fittest woman feel like she took a giant step backwards in terms of fitness.
How can a new mom get back into her fitness groove? 
When is it okay to start exercising?
Which exercises should a new mom choose?
Those are the questions we answer in this Guide to Postpartum Exercise. This step-by-step plan will help new moms ease back into exercise and then work their way towards your pre-pregnancy shape. The chosen exercises are safe and especially effective for developing core strength (which is crucial for any mom, especially those who had a cesarian section or difficult time giving birth). 

Be sure to listen to your body and to have patience as you progress through each of these 6-weeks stages. Enjoy!
 Dave Smith has been a personal trainer since 2001 and was recently named “Top Fitness Professional in Canada”. Dave offers free online fitness training at Make Your Body Work and also spends much of his time helping other personal trainers improve their training techniques and business success. Check out his free resources, videos, and fitness programs at


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