Celebrating Cheat Day!!!

On the Slow-Carb Diet it’s a RULE that we take off 1 day a week and eat whatever we want!  We spend 6 days eating slow-carb high density foods.  Then – on the 7th day – we spike our caloric and sugar intake with whatever food we want… pasta, breads, fruit, sweet treats…….. YUM!

PHYSICALLY:  This diet will shred body fat with it’s cycling method!

MENTALLY:  This diet will change the way you look at food.  You will begin to see the effect food has on our body… after all, it’s true:  WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!  You will become a student of yourself!

EMOTIONALLY:  It’s a lot easier to make wise food choices when you know you will get to eat “that” in the near future.  I encourage Slow-Carbers to write down the foods their body is screaming for during the week.  Make a CHEAT DAY LIST.  I do this! This is an intense diet and it’s good to rest emotionally.  This seems to give me a new dose of momentum moving into the new week of healthy eating.  After all, even God rested on the 7th day!

One more thing… 
The Slow-Carb Diet teaches us to PLAN AHEAD!  Be intentional with the foods you eat.  🙂

Now, let’s CELEBRATE 
-dieters gone wild-
Here are some of the DGW food pics from you Slow-Carbers:
Here we go – on our way to make the most out of DGW day.  
All I can think about is the 
Whole Foods black & white cake.  
Have you had it?  Ohhhhh, it’s the best.
My kids REALLY like cheat day!  
They are so sweet to participate with me 🙂

They all look amazing, but there are no black & white cupcakes  🙁 

She is my new best friend!  LOL  
She took the time and made sure I got the perfect cupcake!  🙂

I think I can speak for all of us: 
 Cheat day is the best!!!… but we always look forward to getting back to our “normal” eating pattern the next day.  We are ready to have our energy back and we are ready to feel good again at the end of the day!
Am I right?  

What’s your favorite CHEAT DAY food?
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