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Today we are cleaning our toilets with out any chemicals!  Oh fun!!!  LOL
And they will be CLEAN! Are you ready?
1. Pour 1 cup of Baking Soda into the jar. 
2. Then add 1 cup vinegar.
Remember that there will be somewhat of a science experiment during this step.  This captured the attention of my 7 year old, who asked, “Can I pour it?”  
And then…
However, this was so funny to Iver… 
and now he was fully invested in my project! 
3.  Add your essential oil.  
4. Shake it up.  
5.  Pour it in the toilet bowl and scrub.
So about THIS picture… 
I was cleaning the outside of the bowl before I let Iver scrub the inside (he actually asked if he could clean it!!!… that’s NEVER happened before… ever!)  So as I was wiping it down, I had the normal noise and movement that IS my son behind me.  But when I turned around, I found Iver using the toilet brush as a light saber fighting off who knows what in the bathroom!!!  EEEEEEEK!!!  I’m just SO glad it was a bran new brush that had never seen the inside of a toilet yet!  
And then I made him pose for a picture 🙂  
And then HE happily cleaned the toilet! 
Well, I hope you have as much fun and adventure that I had when it’s time to clean your potty!
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