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BEFORE & AFTER story – Merry Sedlak

Meet my new friend, Merry.  The first time I met her I said, “WOW, YOU HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY!”  I couldn’t help but say that out loud (weird thing to say first off maybe… but I couldn’t help it… she DID).  She was overflowing with joy, passion, excitement and I wanted to know her story.  So many people seem to have a dark cloud over their life from stress, lack, sickness, depression and discouragement… but not this girl!  I found out this wasn’t always the case…

“January 17, 2012 – Physically, emotionally and financially we were broken we prayed for a solution.  We were introduced to Advocare from our dear friends and heard HOPE that our situation could be different!  We decided right then and there to make a change.  We started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and had AMAZING results.  I lost 14 lbs and 17 inches and Anthony lost 20 lbs and 20 inches!  Needless to say we knew everyone could add value to their life, health and finances through this vehicle so we got very intentional to share our story and help as many people as we could.  Fast forward 2 years and a miraculous pregnancy (we struggled for 8 years and tried every medical intervention possible).  We had our son via IVF  in 2008 but had not been able to sustain a pregnancy until Advocare helped my body to do what it’s created to do.  Advocare does not make medical claims and I know that the Lord blessed us with Genevieve but I also know that Advocare enabled my body to do what it had previously not been able to do.  Anthony and I have lost over 100 lbs combine and have been able to help hundreds of people find physical and financial freedom.” Merry Sedlak

Thank you Merry for sharing your story and encouraging us!!! 

Merry lost 50 lbs in 2013 and she will loose 30-40 lbs in 2014 AND run a 1/2 marathon!!!  You go girl!

If you need a kickstart or maybe even a new start, take the 24 Day Challenge and start writing YOUR story.  We want to see you succeed.  Email ashley@ashleybensonfitness.com for a free evaluation and we will get you set up on what you need to reach your health & wellness goals!


SHE LOST 77 lbs!!!


I want to celebrate my cousin, Katheryn, for her consistent commitment and perseverance to better health this past year.  She jumpstarted her journey with the Slow-Carb Diet (details HERE) which jumpstarted her into better eating habits.  She did a beautiful job transitioning out of the 6 week program into a good eating lifestyle.  She also committed herself to exercise.  I watched her journey on Facebook, sometimes excited to go to the gym, sometimes dragging herself there, but ALWAYS approaching it with a good, positive attitude.  In 2013, she lost 77 lbs!  Katheryn says she still has 33 to go until she reaches her final goal. Great job, Katheryn… we are very proud and your story is inspiring!

2013 has been a year of change! I married my best friend, lost 77lbs, and I found my self! I was severely over weight and felt so lost on how to lose it, I would sit cry and then destructively eat more. The day I took this pic(on left) I decided then I’m done. It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do and I still have to do. Some days I would sit and cry out of complete hopelessness. My family stood by me 100% and kept telling me to push through. Cody had to deal with the most though. I know a lot of it he had no idea how to make me feel better, but he always tried to make me feel beautiful. I am very thankful for my support, with out it I don’t think I could’ve done it. I still have 33 lbs to go, but that’s nothing compared to what I have overcome! Now I look forward to going places, I can go walk with my daughter or get down and play with her, and I can be the wife my husband deserves! I will reach my goal in 2014. I will continue my journey to be healthy and fit from now on, not just the new year. I also want to help anyone who was in my position or anyone who just wants to live a healthier life! Today’s a new day, the beginning to a new book. Let’s write the story we deserve!                    Katheryn Hendrix