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I love a good candle.  Who doesn’t?  And I love nice rings… surprised? 
 So if you’re like me, listen to this: 
This cool company, Diamond Candles, has a huge variety of eco-frindly soy scented candles to choose from AND guess what???  They hide a RING down inside the candle!  The rings range from $10 to $5,000!!!  It’s like a Cracker Jacks box for the Ladies, but with Cracker Jacks, no one ever hopes to pull out a $5,000 temporary tattoo!

So Diamond Candles gave me a candle of my choice to try out and share my thoughts with you guys!  Yay!  Being that it is the end of summer, I chose the SUNWASHED scent.  It leaves a nice, fresh smell in the room.  

Here’s my kiddo enjoying the candle while she works on homework.
(I think she’s going to try and still my ring!!!)  
Usually I get sad as a good candle burns down and disappears… but I have to admit, I was really looking forward to making some progress on this one!  

1.  These candles are 100% soy.  They are eco-friendly and natural! WooooHooooo
2.  The fresh scent filled the room even before lighting it.
3.  They release a non-toxic scent.
4.  We have all- including my 7 year old son- been anxiously awaiting the ring reveal!  
So sit back and enjoy the next 1minute and 22 seconds of your life as you watch my exciting ring reveal…
This was a lot of fun, but there is one thing I’d change… I’m not sure why I didn’t burn the candle and then use tweezers to get the ring out of the liquid wax.  Then I wouldn’t have a large crater in my candle :/  
Well I guess I just couldn’t wait any longer!
 I do think this makes a great gift!  
Santa should add this to his list this year. 
And if you’re a Dude, make a note:  She wants one! 
So now the fun part!  
Enter to win your own Diamond Candle!!!
to see other ring reveals!  
It’s fun stuff.
Visit their website to check out all their scents
P.S.  Give me a shout in the comments if you ever spot my ring in other photos!!!