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This is such an exciting time!
TheMethod Pilates 
has some amazing new products that we all should take advantage of.



This is a brilliant, simple looking headband with bungees that you pull to create compression around the head.  It’s hard to explain until you’ve tried it, but it feels so good and does so much good for the neck, shoulders, and spine when it’s used.

Short term use:  It relieves neck pain and shoulder tension!  After using it, my head feels lighter.

Long term use:  It will correct “Head Forward Syndrome”

Pre-Workout use: I use the HeadFloater in the morning and before bed, but this week I found a new need for it… right before I workout!  Occasionally I will do kettlebell swings in the morning for a quick, muscle confusing, full body workout.  I usually do 100 swings and then eat breakfast.  Well, on this particular morning I thought it would be good to use my HeadFloater after my swings.  So I did.  When I stood up after using it, I thought, “NOW I feel like I’m ready to do swings.”  My posture felt right and my back felt more engaged (very important for kettlebell swings), so I did a few more swings… 100 more because I felt strong and balanced – more so than the first set.


I already knew that HeadFloater sets your head correctly above your body after the use, but this experienced opened my eyes to its value along side exercise.  No matter what type of exercise you do, good posture is important to keep the body safe and to work the muscles you are intending on working!

Oh, I should tell you:  This takes less than 5 minutes to use and fits in your purse or desk drawer.  Could not be easier to get an adjustment whenever you need!

So there. PURCHASE HeadFloater TODAY!- $35  Take it to the gym and use it before your next class or session or pull it out after a long, stressful conference call or hours bent over at the computer… or after an uncomfortable flight or a bad night sleep.  

HeadFloater in Pilates Style Magazine – Full Article HERE

The other SUPER EXCITING THING hitting fitness now is the TYE4.  The more I use it, the more I LOVE it… and so does everyone else!
More about it HERE.
My kids have been begging to use it and I kept saying (especially to my 8 yr old) “It just won’t fit you.”  Well he really wanted to try, so I thought I’d show him I was right….  OOOPS, I was wrong and it did adjust to his size!  I had to grab my camera becasue my kids were having so much fun playing with it and being creative.  Watch this 40 sec. video and remember, I gave them NO instruction! (Of course they have watched me use it)

PURCHASE TYE4 wearable resistance system HERE.  Workout at home and add momentum to your workouts for faster results!

Join our Online Coaching Group ($10/month) and get more full workout videos, coaching, encouragement and a fun social online space to connect with others in this game to be more healthy and fit! Click HERE for more info!!



Glenda Sorrells!!!!
Once you burn your new candle down enough to get your ring, I hope you will share it with us!
And anyone else who will now be ordering a candle!!!  They have wonderful fall scents that you will want!
Check out all the candles HERE.
Don’t forget: this is a sweet, easy gift to give for the Christmas Season around the corner!
If you missed my Diamond Candle Review, come check it out HERE.
Have a great Fall day!


I love a good candle.  Who doesn’t?  And I love nice rings… surprised? 
 So if you’re like me, listen to this: 
This cool company, Diamond Candles, has a huge variety of eco-frindly soy scented candles to choose from AND guess what???  They hide a RING down inside the candle!  The rings range from $10 to $5,000!!!  It’s like a Cracker Jacks box for the Ladies, but with Cracker Jacks, no one ever hopes to pull out a $5,000 temporary tattoo!

So Diamond Candles gave me a candle of my choice to try out and share my thoughts with you guys!  Yay!  Being that it is the end of summer, I chose the SUNWASHED scent.  It leaves a nice, fresh smell in the room.  

Here’s my kiddo enjoying the candle while she works on homework.
(I think she’s going to try and still my ring!!!)  
Usually I get sad as a good candle burns down and disappears… but I have to admit, I was really looking forward to making some progress on this one!  

1.  These candles are 100% soy.  They are eco-friendly and natural! WooooHooooo
2.  The fresh scent filled the room even before lighting it.
3.  They release a non-toxic scent.
4.  We have all- including my 7 year old son- been anxiously awaiting the ring reveal!  
So sit back and enjoy the next 1minute and 22 seconds of your life as you watch my exciting ring reveal…
This was a lot of fun, but there is one thing I’d change… I’m not sure why I didn’t burn the candle and then use tweezers to get the ring out of the liquid wax.  Then I wouldn’t have a large crater in my candle :/  
Well I guess I just couldn’t wait any longer!
 I do think this makes a great gift!  
Santa should add this to his list this year. 
And if you’re a Dude, make a note:  She wants one! 
So now the fun part!  
Enter to win your own Diamond Candle!!!
to see other ring reveals!  
It’s fun stuff.
Visit their website to check out all their scents
P.S.  Give me a shout in the comments if you ever spot my ring in other photos!!!