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Skateboard Pike Exercise Video

My son got his first skateboard a few months ago and is having a blast on it. He is already trying to do tricks and give his mother a heart attack! 
 I do love watching him practice because of the core strength it takes to stay on the board. 


 So this got me thinking…could I use the skateboard as a piece of equipment for my girls that come train??? 
 The answer: ABSOLUTELY!!! 
 I started playing around with it and came up with the SKATEBOARD PIKE. What a great exercise! 
 Total CORE, CHEST, and SHOULDER workout! 
 So grab a skateboard
 – your son’s, husband’s, or neighbor’s – 
and try it out! 

  •  Don’t forget to warm-up and stretch 5 minutes before you begin your workout. 
  • WARNING: I do NOT recommend doing this if you have unstable shoulders.