Slow-Carb Diet and…. Chuy’s??????

I know many of you are wondering if Jeremy and I have had to give up our favorite Tex-Mex food, and the answer is… absolutely NOT!  It’s actually extremely easy to eat mexican food on this diet.

We have stumbled upon Chuy’s 3 times this week and I would like to share the secrets with you!

Sadly, I couldn’t eat chips.  I missed them very much!  Good friends and conversation really helped take my mind off of my habit of reaching in to grab one of those crispy chips and scooping up some fresh salsa and creamy jalapeno.

I ordered chicken fajitas, substituted the rice with extra beans, and asked them, “PLEASE don’t bring me any of those delicious warm homemade tortillas”.  I just couldn’t bare having them in front of me.  I also asked for my own bowl of creamy jalapeno.

I mixed the chicken and vegetables with the beans, guacamole, fresh salsa and creamy j.  IT WAS SO GOOD!  I intended to take a picture of it before I ate… at both meals. However, my mind must have shut down when I got my food and  didn’t even think about the picture until the food was GONE!… both times!!!

I do have pictures of us enjoying Chuy’s in Houston when Taylor was 2 years old!

To sum it up, there are plenty of options at mexican food restaurants.  I was filled and satisfied.

This is NOT allowed in the Slow-Carb Diet – sad! – but if you have been faithful and committed to your diet for 6 days, I think you should enjoy this to reward yourself!

See you at Chuy’s!


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