Here is how I’m feeding my family next week.
WEEK 1 Slow-Carb 
These are DELICIOUS!  My kids will have them wrapped in unbleached flour tortillas with a little cheese and sour cream, while Jeremy and I – the slow-carbers – will eat it more like a salad.  We will add avocado and fresh cilantro to ours.  SO YUMY, fast and easy!
Rachael Ray calls them Brown Rice and Black Bean Burritos.  The kids eat them just like the recipe shows.  Jeremy and I skip the rice and the tortilla and cheese.  I cook with coconut oil instead of EVOO.  These beans are the best and have become a staple in the Benson house.  I make these every week and sometimes we eat them in the morning with eggs!
This is a yummy, healthy slow-carb chili recipe.  It can be made in a crock pot – or if I forget to make it in the morning – can cook on the stove for a few hours.  I usually add more bell peppers.
Not sure what BAKED FISH I will do yet.  Any ideas?
Roasted Asparagus  
All I can say is “More Please!”
I have not made this yet, but look forward to trying it.  I will omit the corn chips and mayo, and will probably add a bit more avocado!
I eat this almost every day in the summer.  It’s one of my favorite snacks. 
Squash Chips 
Yeah baby!  These make the SCD possible for me!
I like to double this to be sure I have leftovers.  I don’t double the corn.  Again,  a small amount of cheese & sour cream for the kids, and avocado, fresh cilantro and lime for the SC peeps.

To to cut down on cost, I plan meals that use similar ingredients within the week.  I’ve noticed that we are able to use up the food that we have and throw less out at the end of the week!  For example, WEEK 2 will probably be more Italiany foods and I will not by cilantro and sour cream for that week.  


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