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Whether you work the gym into your weekly routine, attend exercise classes, work with a trainer or workout at home, you have intentionally added fitness to your routine. I hope you have found a workout program that is efficient in getting you to your goals, is safe in preventing injuries and building your body stronger, not tearing it down and is something you enjoy doing.  Even still, it’s part of your routine.

In normal life, we workout to reach a goal – weather it’s to decrease body fat, strengthen muscle, improve cardiovascular system, or provide a “home” we can live in that will support our lifestyle and help us to live to the fullest… and the list goes on.

When I’m on vacation, however, you will not find me in a typical hotel gym or visiting a familiar health club to get in a workout.  Nope.  The essence of vacation is to pause all (or as much) of life that produces stress and requires diligent focus, right?  You know, all the routines and demands of life.   It’s a time to rest, gain new perspective and refresh the soul.  I believe this to be good and true for you physically as well as mentally.  Now if you de-stress and “relax” at the gym – more power to ya!


I am NOT implying that vacations need to be lazy.  NOT. AT. ALL!  Vacation should also include adventure, and this is where activity happens.  Staying ACTIVE on vacation can be a lot of fun and will push your body in ways it’s not use to!  At the end of the day, this mind set will remove the guilt that accompanies “missing a workout”.  Guilt can be replaced by fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’ve challenged your body beyond it’s norm.  I like to think of this like a “free” workout”!  And you will be able to return back to your normal routine once you get home without missing a beat.


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Vacation Part 1 and Fitmark Guest Post

I’m on vacation!!!!!!  My kids and I are staying at my parents house – for 3 weeks!  They live in the coolest little German town called Gruene, home of Gruene Hall – the oldest dance hall in Texas!  It’s really in New Braunfels, which is in between San Antonio and Austin.  If you are ever in the area, you need to get here.  There are 2 rivers to tube on – we will be doing that! – and a ginormous water park called Schlitterbahn.  Yes we will be going there too and yes I spelled it right, even though my computer doesn’t think so.  Anyway, spending the summers at this water park has turned us into water park snobs.  Seriously, it has 3 different campuses, 2 up hill water slides, a simulated surfing attraction,  tube slides, family raft rides, 3 lazy rivers… one with waves, and a LOT more.  New Braunfels also has the cutest park where the spring fed river (the Comal) starts and deer all over the place that will eat out of our hands.  I love it here.  I will share pictures over the next few weeks.  

I’m actually calling this a working vacation.  I get to meet my friends over at HYPERWEAR in Austin for the first time and I will also be taking a weekend trip to New York… by myself!!!!!  in a week for Tye4® Pilates Certification!  I’m pumped about that for sure.  I’ll be sharing my adventures here on the blog.

Oh yeah, if you get a second, cruise on over to FITMARK and read the lastest post I wrote for them… 
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