Whether you work the gym into your weekly routine, attend exercise classes, work with a trainer or workout at home, you have intentionally added fitness to your routine. I hope you have found a workout program that is efficient in getting you to your goals, is safe in preventing injuries and building your body stronger, not tearing it down and is something you enjoy doing.  Even still, it’s part of your routine.

In normal life, we workout to reach a goal – weather it’s to decrease body fat, strengthen muscle, improve cardiovascular system, or provide a “home” we can live in that will support our lifestyle and help us to live to the fullest… and the list goes on.

When I’m on vacation, however, you will not find me in a typical hotel gym or visiting a familiar health club to get in a workout.  Nope.  The essence of vacation is to pause all (or as much) of life that produces stress and requires diligent focus, right?  You know, all the routines and demands of life.   It’s a time to rest, gain new perspective and refresh the soul.  I believe this to be good and true for you physically as well as mentally.  Now if you de-stress and “relax” at the gym – more power to ya!


I am NOT implying that vacations need to be lazy.  NOT. AT. ALL!  Vacation should also include adventure, and this is where activity happens.  Staying ACTIVE on vacation can be a lot of fun and will push your body in ways it’s not use to!  At the end of the day, this mind set will remove the guilt that accompanies “missing a workout”.  Guilt can be replaced by fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’ve challenged your body beyond it’s norm.  I like to think of this like a “free” workout”!  And you will be able to return back to your normal routine once you get home without missing a beat.


What are the images that pop in your head when you think about a Las Vegas vacation?  Casinos?  Entertaining shows?  Amazing Food?  Tasty Drinks?  Delicious Desserts?  Yes, yes, and yes.  Add in some sight seeing on foot, explore some of their beautiful hiking trails (Valley of Fire Trails or Red Rock Trails), or take a trip to the Grand Canyon and you’ll leave with a “free” workout.  Woohooo!! You could also become a performer for a day and take a class at Trapeze Las Vegas.  They offer trapeze sessions and a variety of arial arts classes for all age and experience levels.  Create memories by being “a part of the show”.  So cool.
Another cool place to check out is the Aria Resort and Casino on the strip of Las Vegas.  It clearly has very nice amenities, but one awesome tourist attraction is super unique and gets my attention:  It’s called the Hotel Hike!  Unlike the hiking trails mentioned above, this is all indoor – with exercises intended to challenge the same muscles as an actual hike!  On the 60-minute hike, your instructor will give you a shoulder bag with a water bottle, hand weights and a yoga mat.  On the hike, you explore the “mammoth hotel”, passing art installations, restaurants, bars, stores, a theater, convention center, casinos and tons of Starbucks!!!  A portion of the tour takes you outside and past a beautiful water feature.  Oh, escalators are off limits!!!  Love it.  

A few years back my hubby and I went on the most amazing trip, sailing the British Virgin Islands.  Oh wow what a trip.  It was so quiet and peaceful – and full of activity and adventure.

Every afternoon we sailed to a different location to snorkel and each place was unique from the color of the water to the different corals and fish.   Did you know that snorkeling uses every muscle in the body?  Treading water, diving down and swimming in all different directions is a lot of work.  I remember experiencing noodle legs after an hour or two of exploring the reefs.  Free workout right there.

We also took time to explore an amazing place called The Baths on the Island of Virgin Gorda.  See all those rocks back there?  We hiked through them climbing up and down and at times squeezing through tight spaces and treading through water.  I honestly don’t know how to describe how incredible this place was.  So I’ll not even try and let you look at the photos. 


This is one of my favorite places to vacation… and see family!  My parents live in this unique little German city that keeps us going and active.  Here are some of my favorite ways to stay active in New Braunfels:

1.  Keeping up with kids at the coolest, largest water park called Schlitterbahn.  Now that’s exhausting for real.  It’s got 3 campuses and every kind of water ride imaginable and is the #1 water park in the universe.  
Check out this video from The Travel Channel!!!

2.  Playing in the 2 rivers that run through:  

The Comal (Spring fed and the shortest river on the planet – true story) and the Guadalupe River

and the Guadalupe River

3. Hiking through the Natural Bridge Caverns 

This is a no-brainer.  Get out there and walk, jog, swim, surf, paddle board, volleyball… You won’t find a better gym.  Workouts are awesome on sand!  Read more about working out on sand here.   

Tye4® Wearable Resistance is a fantastic workout tool to use while on vacation.  It’s super small, provides assistance and up to 40 lbs of resistance to many different workouts.  The lovely lady on the left is my friend and client, Shannon, who regularly takes my Tye4 Fusion Class.   One day into her beach vacation, she shared these pictures with me!  LOVE THAT!!!  She’s demonstrating some of my favorite exercises.  

So when you vacation,  allow yourself to be on vacation!  Don’t eat yourself sick, because who wants to be sick?  Be responsible in getting a good breakfast.  My go-to breakfast is Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes.  Mix in water –  quick, easy, yummy and a great base meal filled with vitamins and nutrients to start your day off right.  I also keep Snack Bars on hand when I need a quick snack and don’t want to reach for the chips (ummmm, chips)

Enjoy your meals.  Enjoy your drinks.  Enjoy your vacation.

 And when you return home, it’s back to business.


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