I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing this really cool brand of fitness apparel called COLOSSEUM.  I sent them my size and they sent me a pair of leggings, tank and sports bra.   First reaction… REALLY CUTE!  I was just hoping the size I gave them was gonna work with their brand.  So I tried it all on and was HAPPY it all fit perfectly!  True to size from my experience.
First off, my legs are really long and for me this length was perfect.  They go down to my ankles with little bunching.   They fit my legs perfectly without being too tight.  It was NOT a frustrating moment getting into them.  You know what I mean if you wear these kind of leggings.  The routine of laying on the bed pulling them over your ankles and then working them up the legs to the hips – that did not happen with these pants.  They provide a nice fit without squishing unwanted “stuff” in the wrong place thanks to the body countering seams.  It’s made with C-dri moisture management fabric which allows for fast drying and keeps moisture away from the skin.   I did wear these out on a hot day and could tell a difference from my other long leggings for sure.  Also, I love the details.  There is a reflective strip running vertically along the calf and mesh ventilation panel behind the knee!  Cool stuff.  Perfect for my friend Shannon who was just telling me the other day that she had to seriously wipe down her Pilates Reformer machine after her workout because the back of her knees got so sweaty!  LOL  They do have a back security pocket with with autolock zipper closure and one more detail I like – turn the top down and find a fun shade of green!  
I have black, but you can also get them in Charcoal and Pink Raspberry (Super cute!)
So this bra is reversible!!!  LOVE THAT!  You can see from the photo above the pink and black stripes that are a lot of fun.  And below I’m showing the side with solid pink, trimmed out in black.  THE FIT:  Ok, I have a bazillion of these.  My “girls” are on the larger side and I need to give them plenty of support.  But I keep buying soft sports bras in hopes of having one comfortable enough to wear casually.  I think that the fact that I keep buying them can tell us that I’ve not been super happy with what I’ve tried.  Now, 100% honest, I really like this one.  It’s softer and more comfy than any of my others.  No I will not go running or do a plyo workout in this alone, but I can wear it teaching Pilates or just hanging out with a cute summer top.  So I’m very happy with this.  Other cute color options:  Chambray/Black, Lemongrass/Black, White/Black and I am wearing the Pink Raspberry/Black

I really love this tank.  Like the leggings, the tank is also made made with C-dri moisture management fabric.  I like that it’s a cute fitted top without being hot.  I really love the contouring lines that emphasize body lines and the straps are super cute and provide some support and full range of motion.  It has a built-in bra with removable cups.  And ya know when those pads get all messed up…  well these are really easy to straighten up.  Remember our discussion earlier about “support”?  Well this provides enough for a Pilates workout, but I’ll have to add a layer of love when I teach my Tye4® Fusion Class.  It’s important to me to have a top that’s long enough and won’t ride up.  I’m happy to say this one fits the bill.  This Charcoal/Black is my favorite, but it also comes in Pink Raspberry, LT Chambray and White/Citrine which are all very cute.   I absolutely recommend it!

I put both the leggings and the tank to the test with the Pilates Roll-Up… because during this exercise, it’s common for the pants to scoot down while the top scoots up.  If you’ve done Pilates, you know what I’m talking about!  So, after my testing,  I’m happy to say BOTH the leggings and the tank stayed in place!  Whoop Whoop!  Love it!

I did try out my new threads while teaching a Tye4 Fusion Class.  We do Aerobic, Strength and Pilates fitness in this class.  Looking back on the class, I’m realizing that I didn’t think about my clothing at all during the class – meaning they were not fussy, so YES they pass the instructor test!

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