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Get FIT With Your Kids


I’m sure you are making plans for vacation, parties and pool time this summer.  In the mist of your planning, why don’t you add in some activities to do with your kids that encourage health?

1.  Get your kids involved in making the DIY stuff for your home (cleaners, bug sprays, tooth paste and deodorant to name a few) I will start publishing what we are making in June.  My kids are having a blast helping me with this project, and seem to want to use our cleaners more often when they had a part in making them!  ūüôā  I will take all the help I can get around here.  Can I get an AMEN? My son especially loves getting involved when our recipe tells us to mix baking soda and vinegar! 

2.  Grow something with them.  The kids are more open to eating veggies when they’ve been a part of growing them.  If you do have a hard time getting your kiddo’s to eat healthy, read this guest blog I wrote for Hyperwear.  I tell all about some of my secrets ūüôā  Hehe

3.  Find ways to workout with them.  Bring them along to some PILATES CLASSES this summer, sign up for family PERSONAL TRAINING, or get out in your yard and PLAY!  

In this picture, I am doing a workout with my kids using Hyperwear SANDBELLS.  They create a GREAT workout and it feels more like playing when using them.  And they are SAFE for kids to use! 

These videos show a few games I created to play with my kids.  
4. One more idea, bring your kids along on a FITNESS VACATION!  It’s never to early, or late to develop a love for a healthy lifestyle. 

I hope this is the BEST SUMMER EVER filled with adventure,  memories, lots of REST & RELAXATION, and HEALTH!!!

Guest post for HYPERWEAR!

I had the privilege of being a guest blogger for a cool fitness company called
I wrote about 
Click HERE to read it!  
See how I engage my family in our health and fitness pursuit and watch a short demo video the kids and I made! ¬†We created a few exercise games using Hyperwear’s awesome SANDBELL!
After you check out my post, take a look around Hyperwear! ¬†ūüôā ¬†
You will get lots of great ideas and encouragement!


My friend, Teresa, brought deviled eggs to the Healthy Food Sampling Party we had at my house last Friday.  They were SO good and I had to try it out myself.  Teresa found this recipe on Pinterest that led to a cute website My Kitchen Of Love.  To make it slow-carb, we left out the mayo and tweaked the seasoning a bit.
My girl Taylor wanted to take this project over last night, so I must give her credit for the eggs “we” made. ¬†SHE actually made them and they were GREAT!
what¬†T A Y L O R¬†did…
 She made 12 hardboiled eggs and peeled them after they were cool.

She cut the eggs in half length wise, scoop out the egg yoke and put them in a mixing bowl. She smashed the egg yoke, along with an avocado, and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder and olive oil.
Just like traditional deviled eggs…she¬†transferred¬†the mixture to the egg white halves and then¬†sprinkled them¬†with paprika.
We didn’t take the time to make these look pretty,¬†
but in the end it didn’t matter that much… they were gone in seconds!
Taylor added mustard and loved it.
12 hard boiled eggs
1 avocado
salt and pepper
garlic powered
olive oil
Thank you TAYLOR for helping out in the kitchen!

Family Pizza-Bar Night

Family Night

It was so EASY, FUN and DELICIOUS!
We even pulled a life lesson from it:  

The choices you make for your toppings will determine the taste of your pizza, much like the personal choices you make everyday will flavor the outcome of your future.

Thank You Jame!

This opened the door for some good, healthy conversational time with my kids!…

 while enjoying our pizza ūüôā