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Being Good on Vacation Part 1 – SPARK SLUSH

Well Hello!!!  
I’m home now from a month of vacationing.  Well, it wasn’t ALL vacation.  I did work some while I was gone.  As you can see, I didn’t do much blogging, but I did take lots of pictures 🙂  Now I want to share with you some ways I stayed healthy while traveling.  
It’s possible, we just have to get creative.  
While I was in Texas, we took a weekend trip to the beach.  Port Aransas was our destination and it was a lot of fun in the sun.  And guess what???  We found the BEST SHAVED ICE place there on the island.  I’m serious… may be the best in all the earth!?!?!?
I mean, really.  
This is just one tiny part of the menu.
It’s all sugar… and I’m not eating sugar!!!  
OH, WHY ME!!!!!
After discovering that this was in fact the best shaved ice on planet, the kids decided to visit it as many times as possible while we were there.  I allowed myself 1 real snow cone, and I chose COFFEE WITH CREAM.  After all, I would order that at a coffee house 🙂  
After that trip I had to get creative.
Oh my it was fabulous! 
 So here’s what I did the rest of our trips to the best shaved ice place in the world…
I made
1 bottle of water
1 cup of fluffy shaved ice
(Spark is a vitamin energy drink
It was amazing and here’s how I did it
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Fitness Vacation Recap 1: PREP-WEEKEND

Last week I hosted my first Health and Fitness Vacation!  
I took a group to St Augustine, FL for the week.  Can I just say that it was awesome???  Well, it was!  
This week I will recap our experience, 
so be sure to check back in each day to get a look at some of 


 the FOOD

the FUN   

that happened on this 
Fitness Vacation.


Saturday – 5:00 AM! – I pulled out of my driveway and headed towards the beach!  My car was LOADED with exercise mats, stability balls, bands, rings, a kettle bell, skateboards, and plenty of dumbbells.
It was early, but I love driving at that time of day. 
 From where I live, the drive took 8ish hours.  
Since I homeschool, I was able to bring my son, Iver, along.  
It was “bring your son to work” week.  LOL.  
And I have to say he LOVES my work!!! 
I’m so thankful he is such a good kid.  I loved having him there.

Thanks to Siri, my iPhone got us to the house with no problem.  This house was so much more amazing than the pictures showed online.  We first took some time to explore the house.  Actually, that took a while because it is HUGE!  

The second floor is the living space WITH A VIEW!

Off of the living space is the most beautiful balcony overlooking the ocean.  We kept those doors open most of the time.

On the other side is the KITCHEN.

Out the kitchen doors is the pool.
There is one bedroom and a bathroom down there.  It also has an Xbox 360- which my son was excited about- and a ping pong table.  There are double doors that led out to a water front patio.

There are 5 bedrooms on this floor.


These stairs lead up to the ROOF TOP balcony.  
This was by far one of my favorite spaces!
 Oh Yes!  
This is where the workouts can happen!

SUNDAY:  I woke up early to the sound of crashing waves!  Great way to start the week!  
 I enjoyed breakfast with my little man on the balcony. 

 We watched the SURFERS enjoy the bigger than usual waves, thanks to hurricane Sandy.
I spent some time getting focused on the workouts and meals for the week… 
while enjoying my ADVOCARE SPARK :)))  
Oh, and we ended up down at the beach for a while!

 I prepared quiche for the week.  I made 8 pies for an optional breakfast for my crew.  
I sautéed the garlic, onion and vegetables I got from 
in coconut oil from 
and have to say they turned out great!

That evening my group arrived at the HOUSE.  I loved seeing their reaction to our home for the week!

Here is a video tour I made… Check this out!

St Augustine house from Ashley Benson on Vimeo.

We got to know earchother over food and lounging that evening.  We definitely went to bed excited about the fun week ahead.

Check back in tomorrow to find out what what our
 MONDAY was like………………………