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Anti-Aging: 13 Spices & Herbs


Our amazing Earth produces a wide variety of SPICES and HERBS that contain thousands of plant chemicals that are




ginger – turmeric – cinnamon – cloves – oregano –

parsley – rosemary –

thyme -mint – tarragon – dill

Check out Dr. Oz 

Top 10 Anti-Aging Spices & Herbs

So spice up your food and know that your are fighting against aging!

Let us know what your favorite spices & herbs are and how you use them in your kitchen!

Anti-Aging: 12 Oatmeal


Add oatmeal to your normal diet to slow down the aging process because it

  1. lowers cholesterol

  2. boosts immune system

  3. stabilizes blood sugar

  4. reduces risk of diabetes

  5. has special antioxidants to protect heart

  6. prevents breast cancer

  7. gluten-friendly – it has a small amount of gluten but studies have shown that adults and children with celiac disease can tolerate it

Add other Anti-Aging foods to your oatmeal… like

Check out  Mr. Breakfast.com for 144 

different ways to make oatmeal!

Let me know what you try and how you like it!

Treasures in My Kitchen

When I’m in my kitchen preparing food for me and my family, I always think of how I can make our food more nutritious.  By adding simple ingredients, I can give nutritional gifts that will make our bodies strong and healthy.  Some of the time I have to sneak these natural jewels into our food, but most of the time they are well received and make our menu delicious.  So here are a few examples of the treasures I use everyday….




Yes, we should add garlic to our meals because it makes food SO yummy, and Rachel Ray tells us to, but also because it is a blessed herb.  Here are some of the benefits:
    •  a powerful antibiotic – the active component is a chemical called allicin that helps the body inhibit the growth and reproduction of germs

  •   promotes a healthy heart and blood circulation!  (warning:  can thin blood- similar to aspirin)


  •   helps promote a healthy immune system- it strengthens the body’s defenses


  •  Studies are now showing that garlic can reduce cholesterol


  •   has germanium (an anti-cancer agent)- more of this than any other herb


  •  can strengthen your body’s defenses with allergies


  •  helps regulate blood sugar levels


  •  it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients



Helpful Facts:  
Garlic & Onions are toxic to cats and dogs
Drink lemon juice/eat lemon to stop bad garlic breath. 🙂


    • regulates blood sugar

  • reduces LDL cholesterol levels- may help reduce risk of cardiovascular disease


  • reduces pain like arthritis


  • may reduce the proliferation of cancer cells (according to research at the University of Texas- published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer)


  • a natural food preservative


  • contains small amounts of fiber, calcium, iron and manganese


  • proven effective for menstrual pain and infertility (contains a natural chemical-cinnamaldehyde) = increases the hormone progesterone & decreases testosterone production in  women… helps balance hormones


  • holds promise for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor, and meningitis – according to research at the Cytokine Research Laboratory, Department of Experimental Therapeutics, and The University of Texas.  Their research shows that cinnamon reduces chronic inflammation linked with these neurological disorders.







    • can build up immune system

  •  has antioxidant & anti-bacterial properties


  • helps improve digestive system


  • has carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumour properties… helps fight against cancer!


  • has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that inhibits the growth of certain bacteria


  • helps keep external wounds clean and free from infection


  • has an anti-inflammatory agent- can reduce swelling & pain, and even scarring


  • helps treat sore throats- not only soothes the throat, but can also kill certain bacteria that cause the infection



Honey is also a great pre-workout snack!  
It’s a great source of carbohydrates that provides strength and energy in a workout.  The glucose in the honey is quickly absorbed and gives an immediate energy boost while the fructose is absorbed at a slower rate providing sustained energy.  Honey is know to instantly boost performance and endurance for athletes.


So, enjoy a spoon full of honey before your workout, or if you are feeling tired and need a boost of energy.




Flax seeds are a SUPER FOOD because of these 3 nutrients they contain:


    1. Omega-3 essential fatty acid– our body needs these “good” fats.  They are great for heart health and weight loss.

  • Lignans-have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities.  These seeds contain 75-800 times more lignans than other plant foods.


  • Fiber– contain both soluble and insoluble type



So here are some of the wonderful treasures found in Flax Seeds:
    • At least 2 of the components seem  to protect against cancer- specifically breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer .  They can block enzymes that are involved in hormone metabolism and interfere with the growth and spread of tumor cells.  There are also antioxidant properties.

  • Flax Seeds help the cardiovascular system with it’s anti-inflammatory properties and can normalize the heartbeat.


  • New studies suggest significant blood pressure-lowering effects


  • Can prevent hardening of the arteries and keep plaque from being deposited in arteries


  • May help lower cholesterol levels


  • May reduce inflammation from certain illnesses (like asthma and parkinson’s disease)


  • Can help prevent heart attack and strokes


  • May help reduce hot flashes Ladies!








I don’t know about you, but I feel tempted to be discouraged all the time with the new findings on what might causes cancer.   Let’s be encouraged, however, that God has given us MANY treasures in the earth that can fight against all the dangers!  There are MANY MANY more treasures in our kitchen and I will continue talking about them.  For now, however, I need to go make my kids a peanut butter and HONEY sandwich, with a little CINNAMON and FLAX SEED sprinkled inside!