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How I Foam Roll

This is the basic routine I do sometimes before, and after workouts. I had just finished teaching an online class, and kept the camera filming as I did my personal recovery time 😁

Get some ideas and see what I love and use everyday!

Professional Athletes Who Do Pilates

Pilates is one of the best forms of conditioning an athlete can do to reduce pain and risk of injury, and to get a competitive edge. 

  • Pilates integrates the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle as a single unit
  • Pilates emphasizes proper breathing, proper spinal and pelvic alignment and smooth flowing movement 

Athletes become familiar with the functional mechanics and this becomes the foundation of their movement.

With Pilates training, athletes can run faster, jump higher and hit the ball farther –  without pain or injury to themselves.

Martellus Bennett NFL

“From the first time that I did it, it just made sense to me… Pilates has a way of finding your weakness and showing you what you need to be working on. I feel that a standard football workout uses the major, dynamic muscles, but not the smaller, supporting muscles that hold up the bigger ones. That’s where Pilates comes in for me.”

Jason Kidd NBA

“I don’t lift the big heavy 300-pound bench and all that anymore. I just try and keep a fine line of a little iron and a lot of the Pilates machine.”

Pilates training like these athletes do has not been accessible to the majority until now!! I’m PUMPED to tell you that I’ve been in collaboration with some of the top experts in our field to bring this kind of training to the home of every athlete!

6 Pilates Workout for just $30

You see these professionals using expensive Pilates Reformer machines. The TYE4 bungee system IS a wearable Reformer and was invented to extend this elite training to the masses! 

Take a look at the new courses just launched from TYE4 FITNESS ACADEMY, including a FREE course showing the TOP 4 EXERCISE TO FIX TECH NECK … and much more is coming! 

Antonio Brown NFL

“Even more remarkable than his dynamic play this season is the fact that Brown doesn’t lift weights in the off-season. Instead, he incorporates Pilates workouts into his training. They have enhanced his core strength, developed explosive power in his hips and glutes and created muscle balance through strengthening and alignment.”

Posture Before 🏋🏼‍♀️

I believe a warm-up should involve stretching and waking up/ warming up posture muscles. If we properly warmup ⭐️ focusing on posture ⭐️ then our muscles will strengthen in a way that supports our skeleton in that better posture position 🤯

Most of my work this week has been online and I AM TIGHT and uncomfortable. So lifting weights without attention to this first would NOT be serving my purpose. It would be making my situation worse.⁣⁣

My favorite tool for opening up chest + shoulders, stretching small neck muscles and getting a nice spinal rotation stretch quickly and easily is the HeadFloater 😍 Using it before workouts has been very valuable for me and my clients!

Ashley Benson using Headfloater for better posture before lifting weights
Ashley Benson using Headfloater for better posture

Check it out if you spend a lot of time on technology or have small kids you’re constantly hunched over taking care of. This gives much relief AND will help you look better!

Below are the 4 exercises I do to get a better posture position. Grab your HeadFloater and give it a try!

Coconut Water 🥥

I have a NEW way of cracking into my favorite drink!

coconut water

A few years ago my kids gave me a coconut opener tool so I could have the freshest coconut water and I LOVED it and used it! I do love the taste of a young coconut with no additional ingredients 😍

coconut water

That worked better than NOT being able to crack open a coconut, but a few weeks ago I found an upgrade!

Watch the video to see it in action. On the hot summer days, I use the CocoNUT tool and enjoy my favorite refreshing drink straight from the source!

So is coconut water good for you? YES  

Is coconut water bad for you? YES 😆

Coconuts are so ironic and that’s another reason I LOVE them! If you want to get really confused, google “is coconut water good or bad”

Yes I believe it’s healthy – it is an rehydration drink because of its source of carbohydrates and electrolytes (potassium, sodium, and magnesium), but it’s also a diarrhetic that can dehydrate you, so…… don’t drink too much!

In conclusion, what I’ve learned over the last 20 years of being a wellness bitch is that we can, and often do, take these “healthy” things to extreme, and then it becomes bad.

So, to conclude…

  1. I drink coconut water because I like it 😊 = good!
  2. I’m a total nerd because I bring young coconuts to parties.
  3. I’ve found that adding a little rum is also good 😄

My Fashion Hack

Fashion isn’t my strongest skill, and almost every time I’m dressed nicer *not wearing workout clothes 🙄 I include at least one item that I wear for workouts. It makes me feel more like myself. For example 👇🏼

fashion hack

Daytime: the usual Pilates instructor look: yoga pants and tank. That day I wore my favorite Alo Yoga leggings with a simple Lululemon tank top.

Fast forward to getting ready for a night out… As usual, I over think what to wear, trying on many possible outfit options, leaving my bedroom looking like a tornado hit. I land on the same white Lululemon top, paired with a pencil skirt that looks similar to my yoga legging. Throw on a long, layered necklace and swap out the sneakers for heels, and BAM 💥 I’m ready for a night out!

That’s my style! What’s yours?

Comment below and let me know your fashion strategy!

14 Best Back Exercises

Back day at the gym, at home and before the game.

It’s posterior chain day 👊🏼⁣

The back body includes some of the largest and strongest muscle groups, and in good condition, helps reduce injury and improve posture. Check out to learn more and get some examples of gym exercises you can use to target these muscles!

When you don’t have access to the gym, use the TYE4 harness to recruit and strengthen the back body ANYWHERE! Athletes are using TYE4 to warm-up, condition and recover at home and before practice and games.

Burpees Are A Terrible Exercise, So Why Did I Base An Entire Class Around It?


With burpees being such a controversial exercises, I thought I’d share the irony of why I think they’re a bad idea, but also why I just taught an entire online class ‘Sponsored by Burpee’


First, I’m not alone in my evaluation: Ben Bruno, Kate Upton’s trainer, recently professed his loathing for the exercise.

Mark DiSalvo , NYC-based certified strength and conditioning specialist is spot on with his quote in SELF magazine…

“The primary problem with burpees, DiSalvo says, is that they are an advanced, complicated movement that require a high-level of strength to perform properly. Because many people who attempt them do not have the adequate core and upper-body strength needed to nail the move, they don’t reap the full benefits—and risk injuring themselves in the process.” read article

the PROBLEM – burpees are included in many Pinterest cardio and functional fitness workouts 🤔 Ummm, but burpees ARE NOT functional and they are not an example of functional conditioning for real life common movements. But if you google “are burpees functional fitness”…

Well ok, maybe you often find yourself running through the forest being chased by a bear and you trip over a tree root and fall on your face and have to pop back up real fast and continue sprinting so you don’t die.. then yes, burpees for you can be considered functional fitness.

Bear Chase GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Or, in some cases, they are good for athletic training. But still, many athletes do not have the flexibility or core strength to do them properly and safely.

Mike Boyle, one of the foremost experts in the fields of Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training and general fitness, refers to Burpees as “The World’s Dumbest Exercise”

“Wrist impact, shoulder impact, lumbar flexion. A million opportunities for bad mechanics with what upside? It’s hard? Is that upside? … It’s our job (fitness professionals) to choose exercises that are effective. It’s also our job to keep our athletes and clients healthy… If you look at an exercise and see injury risk and then can’t really explain why you do it, that makes it a really bad choice.” read article


Thanks for asking! Well, the single burpee movement broken down is full of wonderful functional exercises! So we took each part and worked on the mental and physical connection of understanding and maintaining strong stabilized core through movement AND we spent time working on transitioning the anchor (the part of the body that connects you to the earth).

For example, in a squat jump our anchor transfers to toes as we lower to the ground, transfers back to the heels as we raise up, and back to the toes preparing to lift off the ground for the jump. WOW that’s complex! And actual functional training for walking/running. All movement follows this pattern: transfer, then anchor (or load) and finally move. You can see why this would take some practice, but it makes all the difference!

As far as the CORE – we must understand neutral spine and be able to find it quickly after spinal flexion.. and avoid spinal extension during the plank and optional push-up. Thanks to my PMI Pilates training and experience, I can facilitate training that will lead up to this.

So this is how I analyze a burpee. And I think it’s jumping the gun to add it to a Pinterest HIIT workout and challenge people to do as many as they can in 30 seconds.

After practicing the fundamentals and “Pilates style form” for each exercise that combine to form a burpee … which may I add totaled up to be a killer workout!! .. we put them all together at the end and did 5-8 controlled, slow-mo burpees 💪🏼

For more of my online workouts, check my Online, Pilates-based Studio TYE4FITNESS.COM 

We use the wearable TYE4 harness and bungee system that gives us resistance in every plane (up to 30 lbs of resistance depending on how you use it). It also strengthens and heals the joints as we exercise – and THIS is why I love it and recommend it.

virtual fitness classes

How Pilates is helping Ironman Kendrick Louis [interview]

Full interview in The Daily Telegraph

“IF you thought that pilates was a Zen-based activity for women, ironman Kendrick Louis wants to have a word.

Louis credits regular reformer pilates classes at Vive Active in Brookvale for helping him go from No.5 to No.1 in the ironman series.

As a result of taking up pilates two years ago, he said he was fitter and stronger than ever before… continue reading

Louis now incorporates at least three pilates classes into his weekly training schedule. As a result, he said his performance on the ironman circuit had improved tenfold.”

Ironman Kendrick Louis

“It (pilates) is one of those things that you don’t know how good it is until you actually do it,” he said. Read full article here

Now you can get similar classes online!

Check out the TYE4 Pilates Online Studio and let’s get fitter and stronger together!

Computer Back Hack

Save your sanity by doing these 3 simple exercises when working at the computer. Use a TYE4® system to open up the joints, stretch deeper into the muscles and support the body.

Computer Posture: Head forward. Shoulders rounded. Chest muscles shortened and tight. Back muscles overstretched and weak. Shortened abs.

TYE4 Posture Correction: Head on top of body. Shoulders back. Chest open. Back muscles strong and engaged. Long abs.

Continue reading