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Get more out of your workouts, reduce risk of injury and feel better by warming up and prepping your body properly BEFORE YOU MOVE!

PARASETTER® — A top pick to use for warm-ups before moving because

  • scapula mobility & stabilization
  • chest & shoulder stretching
  • intercostal muscles stretch to help facilitate breathing
  • wake up & recruit core muscles
  • massage out tight spots in back
  • prep shoulders

Nashville area Injury Prevention & Recovery Clinic date will be announced soon. This is one of the tools you’ll learn and walk away with! There will be limited spots, so pre-register to hold your spot info@bbsports.team

Purchase Parasetter physicalmindinstitute.com

More info on CLINICS  bbsports.team


Check out this new video in my warm-up/ recovery series. This one is for FEET… a highly neglected, yet extremely important area of the body. You can repair and avoid common feet and ankle problems with a pair of MINIS™ and these simple exercises.

I did a product review last fall and have NOT STOPPED using them!!, PLUS my clients testimonies after prepping the feet before workout/ running or after long days on their feet are insane! I’ll share the testimonies soon, but for now you can trust me and get your hands on a set of MINIS™ $24


Check out the trailer below and then find the full video on my VHX channel!