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Get more out of your workouts, reduce risk of injury and feel better by warming up and prepping your body properly BEFORE YOU MOVE!

PARASETTER® — A top pick to use for warm-ups before moving because

  • scapula mobility & stabilization
  • chest & shoulder stretching
  • intercostal muscles stretch to help facilitate breathing
  • wake up & recruit core muscles
  • massage out tight spots in back
  • prep shoulders

Nashville area Injury Prevention & Recovery Clinic date will be announced soon. This is one of the tools you’ll learn and walk away with! There will be limited spots, so pre-register to hold your spot info@bbsports.team

Purchase Parasetter physicalmindinstitute.com

More info on CLINICS  bbsports.team



“I wish I could zap you with how good I feel after I go to Pilates! You would understand why I love it and encourage you to go!”  Jean Hill


 “Finally a workout I can look forward to. But is it really a workout?! I don’t even break a sweat!  I had noticeable results in flexibility and posture after only a few classes.”  Collette Ashley

Nashville Fitness

 “Pilates is a workout but it’s not exhausting. I usually feel relaxed and less stressed after class. It involves stretching, balancing and I have noticed my posture has been better, others have notice too. My shoulders aren’t scrunched up underneath my ears either, they’re more relaxed. Ashley is an awesome instructor that loves what she does & helping people. Each person in the class is different not only in age, shape and size but also in levels of flexibility and fitness. Exercises are well explained & shown. She can modify the exercise for everyone’s need, as a beginner or to make it more difficult, your choice. It’s for anyone.”  Jennifer Fopiano

We love using the TYE4 apparatus to provide assistance to overstressed areas like neck and hip flexors.  We also use it to add resistance through full range of motion to add intensity.

Check it out!  PhysicalMindInstitute.com

Purchase TYE4 here

Tye4 PhysicalMind Institute

Computer Back Hack

Save your sanity by doing these 3 simple exercises when working at the computer. Use a TYE4® system to open up the joints, stretch deeper into the muscles and support the body.

Computer Posture: Head forward. Shoulders rounded. Chest muscles shortened and tight. Back muscles overstretched and weak. Shortened abs.

TYE4 Posture Correction: Head on top of body. Shoulders back. Chest open. Back muscles strong and engaged. Long abs.

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JUST LAUNCHED… the latest online Pilates training course from Pilates PhysicalMind Institute!

It is such an honor to be involved with the teacher training program for the original and leading Pilates training center!  This project has stretched and challenged me, I have learned so much from working with the Institute.

* screen shot from PMI newsletter

Pilates Certification

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I love this new TYE4®! Here are a few clips of me playing around in it as I design a new class sequence. TYE4 allows us to stretch deeper, push further and really challenge the stabilizing muscles. I love it!

Learn more at PhysicalMind Institute, NYC – TheMethod Pilates and purchase your TYE4 here

TYE4® 2016

2016 is going to be an exciting year for TYE4@ wearable resistance system… New classes are popping up all over the world in a variety of locations – from YMCA facilities to elite Dance and Pilates studios to Crossfit gyms. The New York City Ballet trains in TYE4 and this past season, we had a few of the Washington Wizard NBA basketball players using TYE4 to assist with physical therapy and to keep themselves stretched and warm on the sidelines during games. This is so exciting and there is much more to come! Many more instructors are working towards their TYE4 certifications and many people will see life changing benefits from using TYE4!  Interested in becoming a TYE4 coach or instructor, visit TheMethod Pilates.com for more info.

It’s so fun to see how diverse this training system is.  More people are using TYE4 at home to help them loose weight, build strength, gain flexibility, improve posture, develop better balance & coordination and also rehab their body (specifically ankles, knees and shoulders). It can be worn while doing your regular workout or put it on and clean your house!!  Seriously, this is happening!!!  Busy moms are now wearing TYE4 while they clean and cook… and they are seeing results!!!  When you have it on, the muscles that line and support your spine are engaged, along with your abdominals!!!!  It also activates the stabilizer muscles around your ankles, knees, and hips so they are support and strengthened.  It’s easy and it’s smart!

Look for the NEW Bone Up™ TYE4 classes coming to the Nashville area in 2016!

Bone Up is a safe and beneficial class designed specifically to those individuals with Osteoporosis, Osteopina, or any condition which limits spinal flexion in exercise.

This class focuses on improving balance, building bone mass, and increasing overall strength, flexibility and endurance with an emphasis on body alignment to ensure safety, regardless of your ability level. read more… Riverbrook Regional YMCA

Purchase TYE4® – $80 BUY NOW

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SUMMER 2015 – GoPro

We’ve had a great summer.  It’s been H.O.T. so most of the time there was some kind of water involved to keep us cool.  And when there’s water, it’s a great idea to keep a GoPro camera close.  Even better, let your kids be in control of the camera and enjoy some fun shots!  Take a look at a few of our summer highlights…



Football Pre-season strength and speed conditioning using TYE4@ to speed up and enhance results – with Coach Lyle Haywood

Fit Specialist at Fleet Feet Sports
Group Fitness Manager at Gold’s Gym
Les Mills GRIT Coach
Les Mills Bodyattack Instructor

Academic Scholarship to MTSU,
NJCAA All American XC and Track Athlete
NJCAA National XC Champion

More info on TYE4 Wearable Resistance for Sports Performance, visit



Left: Speed/Strength/Agility Training Coach Lyle Haywood

Right: Flexibility/Mobility/Core Training Coach Ashley Benson

Center: Athlete Austin Henderson

[Football Quarterback, Whitworth Buchanan Middle School- Murfreesboro, Tn]

↓ Quote from Kim Henderson, Austin’s mom ↓

“Parents of Athletes…..This has been a GAME CHANGER for Austin…..strengthening Stabilizer muscles, increased mobility, improved accuracy, flexibility, & speed….. No more back pain, minimal knee pain in knees that were bone on bone w/Osgood Slotter….after 2 football practices daily!! Can’t say enough about AshleyBensonFitness…..LIFE CHANGING!!!”


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