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See what About.com has to say about the Tye4®!

“The Tye4® is resistance training equipment that is worn on the body as a small harness with specially designed thin bungee cords that attach to the arms and feet. Originally developed for standing Pilates exercises, it helps improve balance and posture and has a wide variety of applications.

Balance and Resistance with Tye4®
What is so great about the Tye4® is that the lines of resistance feedback to the core of your body. This is a very Pilates approach to fitness. It’s an effect we get from much of the larger Pilates equipment like the reformer, but getting that direct feedback with something as portable as the Tye4 is unusual. For example, even exercise bands tend to pull oddly at the distant ends of our arms and legs as we use them in resistance training, and we have to use extra focus to make sure we are working from our core. The Tye4® is a more core-direct experience. It is also more stabilizing for the joints this way.This is not super resistance training that we are talking about. We are still in the realm of Pilates where we are more interested in core strength and stability than pumping up our muscles unnecessarily. Therefore, the bungee cords do not need to be very thick and the adjustable lengths are set to give just enough resistance to tone the muscles and activate the core. They can be crossed or held shorter to increase their resistance or stabilizing effect.The feedback the bungee cords provide also help the body figure out where it is in space, and how it needs to organize to maintain balance. There is a whole repertoire of standing Pilates exercises developed for use with the Tye4® to take advantage of the enhanced proprioceptive aspect of it. Dancers and Pilates teachers, of course take to it very naturally, but I can imagine that eventually it will be used to help many people who need extra balance training.”

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“My shoulders, triceps and glutes are sore… And I like it! Haha.
Feel like my core looks a little extra toned today too. Sweet!” Elise
“Loved your class! You are a wonderful instructor and enjoyed the TY4.
Always like mixing it up and this device definitely did add a boost.” Heather
“My triceps have definitely been sore since Friday. So excited for our next class!” Jenna
“feeling good here…if I contract my triceps and abs, can definitely feel the “love” yesterday’s class put on them…lol…
can’t wait for next week” Shannon
“I’m a little sore but feel great and can’t wait til the next workout!!” Tammie
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all into one class using the Tye4

This is the most innovative, versatile piece of equipment I have ever seen, and I hope you can get your hands on one soon to see for yourself!  They are $70 email ashley@ashleybensonfitness.com to order. 
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See what instructors are saying about the Tye4® 
and the training that was healed in New York on July 20:
Loved the day, for me it was just good to solidify the movements, going faster and sweating more than I have in a long time. It was energizing for me, and certainly worth the trip. The arm work was killer. I’m really sore but a good sore. The repetitions were great and hard. By the time we started the shoulder plank I had to stop because I thought I was going to get sick!  HOT! I loved it. The young trainers in my studio who are capable of teaching this very hard workout have heard from me, and we will get our game plan in order.” -Jill Balch, Total Pilates of Tulsa; Tulsa, Oklahoma
“Thank you for the weekend. I am excited as to where you are taking the Institute. I think it’s going to be good thing for all of us!” -Lonna Mosow, Center for Mind Body Fitness; Prairie, Minnesota
“Had a blast… great training! I’m looking forward to introducing Tye4 in Massachusetts with my connections in health clubs, Yoga, Pilates and personal training studios starting with a Tye4 class for instructors.” -Kate Blaine; Blaine Pilates, Massachusetts
“It was fun teaching Tye4 Barre/Burn at the Peninsula, but it was even more fun attending the first Tye4 workshop where I was surrounded by enthusiastic Pilates professionals. We went faster, worked deeper, and explored the numerous possibilities of working with Tye4.” -Allison Black; Living Proof Nutrition/Fitness, New York City
“The workshop was both informative and fascinating in that there are going to be many applications for use of the Tye4 in areas that I presently travel in – ballroom, ballet, rehab, elderly strengthening and balance issues. I am creatively thinking of ways it could be used in those genres. Your presentation of the material offered to us at this workshop was outstanding, thorough, and most inspiring! I look forward to progressing in my study of the material and implementing the Tye4 applications with my students. Your humble and obedient Tye4 missionary.” -Bunny Ott, Petersburg, Florida
“Tye4 is a light and versatile apparatus that adjusts quickly and easily on the body. It helps one to better  feel the connection between the shoulders and the center of the body. It is a new idea for all your Pilates courses either on the mat or standing or on the apparatus.” – Claude Masson, Pilates Plaza, Valencia, Spain
“I have been teaching Tye4 classes for around 3 months and my clients are progressing and loving it. Our workshop in NY was a great group of ladies from all over the states and as far away as Spain and Japan. Had a blast with all these talented teachers. By the last run through we were ready for Broadway. Looking forward to all the amazing possibilities with Tye4 and this exciting new training.
” – Michelle Hoyos, Hoyos Pilates Life, Issaquah, Washington
“LOTS OF FUN!!!!“– Gaynanette Sartin, FitRx for Kathleen Weiner, Shreveport, Louisiana
“Tye4 is the most creative and innovative equipment I have ever seen. You can do most of the exercises effectively and this can spread Pilates to masses.” -Canan Gul, Nua Pilates Studio, Turkey
“It was great meeting you in NY!! I had a great time on Saturday.” -Mayumi Ito, Movements Unity Pilates Studio, Minami Chitose, Nagano City
“Using the Tye4® is comparable to having a personal trainer assist me through the movements. The added resistance the Tye4® provides helps me focus on my form.  I’m more aware of my hands and feet and the role they play in every exercise.  With the Tye4® every movement and position is intentional. The Tye4® allows me to feel more graceful. I love the feeling of support it provides behind my back.” -Ashley Benson, AshleyBensonFitness, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
“A new studio just opened in Columbus with those souped up reformers promoting their sweaty workouts and caloric burn. The new Tye4 workout is affordable and just as commercial but still in the spirit of Pilates. Let the games begin!” -Emily Smith, Focused Fitness, Columbus, Ohio
“Tye 4 is revolutionary. Weighing only 5 oz., you feel all the best of Pilates while having a fantastically fun and effective workout in a whole new way. My clients love it. So do I.” – Barbara Mullin, InsideOut Fitness Pilates, Montgomery, NY
August 22, 2013
I’ve now taught 3 Tye4 Fusion classes and we are having a lot of fun with our workout!  
Here’s what a few clients are saying about the class… 




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 For schedule, locations, class registration to sign up for classes, email ashley@ashleybensonfitness.com  We are toning up that tummy & sculpting long, lean muscles in our arms and legs!

Oh yeah, we are also improving our flexibility, gaining better posture and taking control over our health!

TYE4 FUNDAMENTALS —» learn how to use Tye4 in more complex variations to maximize results, learn how to apply it to a variety of different exercise styles and get an awesome workout at the same time

TYE4 PILATES —» build long, lean muscle, increase flexibility & mobility, and strengthen your entire core

TYE4 HIIT —» high intensity interval training – using Tye4 will increase intensity, burn more calories and protect the joints while working harder

TYE4 FUSION —» cardio, barre, strength and Pilates

This class will be a typical mat Pilates class, but I will integrate the Tye4 into every exercise making it a Pilates Reformer workout.  The Tye4 IS the reformer!  The adjustable bungees are like the springs.  The beauty of the Tye4…

  • ASSISTANCE.  Tye4 provides assistance for the exercises that tend to strain the neck or hip flexors or movements you don’t have the strength to do fully yet.  You will be performing exercises, like the teaser, that most people cannot do unassisted.
  • RESISTANCE.  The Tye4 will add resistance through a full range of motion that will challenge your muscles when called for.  You WILL feel it all over!  Working out using Tye4 is a very “Pilates way” of moving.
Take a look at TYE4 featured in PILATES STYLE MAGAZINE. 

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