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Take a few minutes and find out how I met the TYE4, why I fell in love with it, how it’s being used all over the world and a few testimonies at the end.


Here are all the links I talked about in this video

••• History and Benefits of Pilates

••• Pilates Style Magazine – TYE4 Story

••• TYE4 Fit and Instructions

••• Bone Up™
Osteoporosis Prevention Class

••• Gym Guy John’s TYE4 Testimony

••• BUY TYE4 – $79.50

••• TYE4 Sports & Online Coaching


80Bites Program 

You receive the PLAN and the APP (a $60 value) FREE!!!

The 80Bites App and Plan work together to sensitize and downsize your stomach.
Then weight loss happens naturally.



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It is such an honor to be on the PhysicalMind Institute website showing Tye4®.  This is the original and leading Pilates Certifying Institution. The latest from the Institution is Standing Pilates, Circular Pilates, Tye4®, HeadFloater™ and 80Bites – a weight loss program that is comparable with the Pilates principles: less is more.
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If you are a Pilates instructor, want to become a Pilates instructor, a physical therapist, a dance instructor, gym owner or athletic coach …
or if you want to build a strong, lean, balanced body for yourself… get connected.  Check out the training programs that offer the most cutting edge curriculum for the 21st century.  

“If Joseph Pilates were alive today, he would applaud the innovation we have brought to his original exercises.  As he created the original movements as a response to the needs of a population almost a century ago, we at the Institute have developed a coherent, no nonsense program for addressing the needs of the 21st century client.”  TheMethod Pilates

Look for more on Tye4 in the March edition of

HeadFloater™ WORKSHOP JAN 11 – FREE

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!  
I enjoyed my family so much 
and now I’m looking forward to see what the new year will bring!
This past year I was introduced to 2 new products that are my absolute favorite things:
1. the TYE4® and 2. the HeadFloater™ both invented by
I use them both regularly and when I don’t I misses it greatly!
If you live in the Nashville area, you have a chance to come experience the HeadFloater on January 11!  I am holding a FREE workshop and if you use a computer, drive a car, spend any time on your phone or iPad, read books, play sports, or have any kind of shoulder or neck tension, 
I will do two 30 minute sessions.  One will start at 9 am and the second will start at 9:30.  We will be at 
524 N. University St.
Murfreesboro, Tn
The Workshop is FREE
The HeadFloater is $35
email for questions and to buy a HeadFloater