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For this post, I’m sharing one of the weird things I do.  I make Kombucha.  Some people love it, some people hate it.  I’m one who hates it, but it’s worth the effort.  I may have to hold my nose and gag a little when I drink it, but I do it because I believe it’s doing really good stuff for my body.  It’s referred to as ‘functional food’ with tremendous health benefits.  read more…


Are you ready for this?…

Kombucha is fermented by bacteria and yeast commonly known as a “SCOBY” (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast)

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“I wish I could zap you with how good I feel after I go to Pilates! You would understand why I love it and encourage you to go!”  Jean Hill


 “Finally a workout I can look forward to. But is it really a workout?! I don’t even break a sweat!  I had noticeable results in flexibility and posture after only a few classes.”  Collette Ashley

Nashville Fitness

 “Pilates is a workout but it’s not exhausting. I usually feel relaxed and less stressed after class. It involves stretching, balancing and I have noticed my posture has been better, others have notice too. My shoulders aren’t scrunched up underneath my ears either, they’re more relaxed. Ashley is an awesome instructor that loves what she does & helping people. Each person in the class is different not only in age, shape and size but also in levels of flexibility and fitness. Exercises are well explained & shown. She can modify the exercise for everyone’s need, as a beginner or to make it more difficult, your choice. It’s for anyone.”  Jennifer Fopiano

We love using the TYE4 apparatus to provide assistance to overstressed areas like neck and hip flexors.  We also use it to add resistance through full range of motion to add intensity.

Check it out!

Purchase TYE4 here

Tye4 PhysicalMind Institute

in LOVE with FALL

fall image

Hoodies YES

Bonfires YES

Cuddling YES

… throw my snuggly UGG boots in the mix and we’ve got us a perfect situation.


3/4 of the people who live in under my roof suffer from seasonal allergies→ asthma.  It’s really only a problem during spring and fall.  We will experience inflammation in our lungs which make it hard to breathe – NOT COOL.  But what IS COOL … we can keep the inflammation under control through our nutrition.

SORRY ALLERGIES… WE’RE BREAKING UP published a great article called THE BEST FOODS FOR ANTI-INFLAMMITORY DIET and I used this as my refresher/ brush-up on FALL food/ shopping list as I change things up a bit for my family.  Here are the foods listed to help combat inflammation.

  • Omega-3 – I don’t eat fish so I get mine through Omega-3 supplements.
  • Avocado – I eat 1/2 every morning with my eggs… avocado toast is trending these days and I know why… BECAUSE IT’S GOOD!  Try it.
  • Dark green, leafy vegetables – I eat a simple spinach salad almost every day, and when I can’t/don’t want to eat my veggies, I drink them.  Check out this post for different green smoothie recipes.  If I’m being lazy or don’t have fresh greens at the house, my favorite local solution is the Juice Bar!  Check out for locations.
  • Walnuts/Olive oil
  • Onions
  • Watermelon and Berries
  • Ginger, turmeric, oregano … I make ginger tea … simple just blend up ginger and fresh squeezed lemon, pour in ice cube tray, freeze and then add a ginger cube to hot water.
  • Whole grain foods – gluten seems to really irritate our inflammation so we cut way back in our house during high allergy seasons, but to get our grains we choose sprouted grain options (once sprouted, the gluten is released).

Head over to  for more details on these foods.  Also read up on

  • Why inflammation occurs
  • Problems inflammation can lead to
  • How insulin is involved
  • How to combat inflammation
  • What you should avoid


Thanks for reading and I hope you have the HEALTHIEST HAPPIEST FALL ever!








Computer Back Hack

Save your sanity by doing these 3 simple exercises when working at the computer. Use a TYE4® system to open up the joints, stretch deeper into the muscles and support the body.

Computer Posture: Head forward. Shoulders rounded. Chest muscles shortened and tight. Back muscles overstretched and weak. Shortened abs.

TYE4 Posture Correction: Head on top of body. Shoulders back. Chest open. Back muscles strong and engaged. Long abs.

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It was such an honor to participate in the Rutherford Heart Walk and represent St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital Wellness Center this year!  I led the warm-up for the group and they were all so awesome, energetic and so happy to be there!!!  We had beautiful weather and it was just a great day to be active for a great cause.

The Heart Walk is the American Heart Association’s premiere event for raising funds to save lives from this country’s No. 1 and No. 5 killers – heart disease and stroke. Designed to promote physical activity and heart-healthy living, the Heart Walk creates an environment that’s fun and rewarding for the entire family.

Rutherford Heart Walk


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JUST LAUNCHED… the latest online Pilates training course from Pilates PhysicalMind Institute!

It is such an honor to be involved with the teacher training program for the original and leading Pilates training center!  This project has stretched and challenged me, I have learned so much from working with the Institute.


* screen shot from PMI newsletter

Pilates Certification

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ALOE GLOE Organic Aloe Vera Water

In a recent post, I showed you how I make our AFTER SUN LOTION with Aloe vera and essential oils.  It’s been fun getting feedback from you guys who have made it!  It really DOES work so well!

Topical Aloe application, however, is just the tip of the Aloe vera iceberg in terms of health potential.  So I thought it would be fun to stay with the Aloe theme but this time talk about drinking Aloe vera!

aloe vera water


I bought this one (of course it includes coconut water which feeds my coconut obsession)  but there are other kinds too.  I choose to drink this brand – ALOE GLOE – because I trust the company.  I think this tastes good and is very refreshing. It’s got a mild taste and is lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic stevia and has only 18 calories per serving.  If you don’t like drinking it, you can add it to smoothie or something.  It’s packed with vitamins and is clinically proven to improve skin and cardiovascular health (for all you nerds out there, I have more details on the benefits below)

Do you drink it?  What’s you favorite?  I’d love to know!

Click the link below for 12 pack (15 oz) of Aloe Gloe Organic Aloe Water


Some of you are like me and want to know why in the world we would buy this and then drink it. The answer ‘It’s good for you”  isn’t good enough.  Tell me why!  I don’t like to do things blindly.  So if you’re in my camp I included some benefits discovered from research below.

For the others, this is all TMI… and that’s ok too!   You guys should definitely just trust me that it’s GOOD FOR YOU, be done reading this post and now click the link above to buy your Aloe Gloe!  THE END and thanks for reading!


ANTIOXIDANTS >>> Phase II enzymes are known to reduce oxidative stress (… aging process…), and Aloe vera has been shown to stimulate the production of natural Phase II antioxidants. Daily dosing of Aloe vera can stimulate a person’s natural, inherent antioxidant system to help fight oxidative stress.  source

INSIDE BEAUTY >>> Thirty healthy female subjects over the age of 45 were orally supplemented with either a low or a high dose (low dose=1,200 mg/day; high dose=3,600 mg/day) of Aloe vera gel for 90 days. After completion of the 90-day period, the KFDA concluded that ingested Aloe vera gel resulted in a significant reduction in facial wrinkles and a significant increase in skin elasticity. There were no adverse events reported. There was also an increase in collagen production and a decrease in collagen-degrading MMP-1 gene expression.  source <<<  DONE.  NUF SAID.  I’M IN.

CARDIOVASCULAR BENEFITS >>> Cardiovascular disease is the number-one killer in the United States. Lowering cholesterol is a key prevention in mitigating the risk of heart disease. A number of studies done in the United States and abroad have shown Aloe vera taken as a supplement can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. One human clinical study showed that the group taking aloe experienced a 10% drop in total cholesterol. This same study showed a drop in LDL and triglyceride levels to near optimum levels.

Cardiovascular health, as well as metabolic syndrome and related issues like diabetes, is also linked to oxidative stress. A recent placebo-controlled human clinical trial showed that the group taking Aloe vera had a significant reduction in risk factors associated with oxidative stress, including C-reactive protein, a marker of oxidative stress and inflammation. In the Aloe vera group, C-reactive protein dropped by 38%, and isoprostanes, compounds formed by the peroxidation of essential fatty acids, dropped by 32%.  source

IMMUNE HEALTH >>> Science has shown us ways to enhance our innate immune systems through supplementation, with tests now able to determine if an ingredient is increasing Peripheral Blood Monocyte (PBM) CD56 and the cell-killing capability of natural killer cells.

A study sanctioned by the Korean Food and Drug Administration indicated that the group taking an Aloe vera supplement saw increased PBM CD56 and the cell-killing capability of natural killer cells, indicating immune enhancement. As a result of this study, the KFDA has allowed immune-health claims to be made for products containing Aloe vera.  source

There are other benefits being discovered, but I’m sold from just this.


For us, Aloe Gloe is so much more than just a beverage.

While surfing in Manhattan Beach, co-founder Danny Stepper had an accident that gashed open his forehead. After getting stitches, his doctor prescribed not only applying Aloe Vera to the scar but also recommended drinking it. The problem was he couldn’t find any healthy options that weren’t full of sugar, organic or local. Luckily for Stepper, he and his friends are in the beverage business.

Aloe Gloe is part of L.A. Libations, an emerging beverage incubator that was founded by Stepper, Pat Bolden and Dino Sarti. The three first met while working as merchandisers for Coca-Cola Enterprises and after many successful years in the beverage industry they reunited to create L.A. Libations and in turn their own passion project, Aloe Gloe.

Don’t forget to check out my ALOE VERA AFTER SUN LOTION! 

DIY After Sun Lotion



When Beets BLU asked if I’d review the Bluetooth PagerTag Key Finder,

I was like


Beets BLU PagerTag

Keys do tend to get lost on occasion

  • left in particular handbag/computer bag/gym bag & forgotten
  • left in the car
  • dropped in the grass
  • left in the door lock outside the house after it was unlocked & we were all settled happily inside

lost keys Beets BLU Pager Tag

Arial meme

*these are all hypothetical situations

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We can all squeeze in 5 minutes to care for our body. Pilates builds long, strong muscle and focuses on the abdominal wrap.  Use a TYE4 harness to speed up results.

Visit Pilates PhysicalMind Institute to purchase TYE4.

Use coupon code:  ‘Tye4withAshley’ and get $5 off!


If you don’t know much about Pilates, check out this fun video!